Friday, May 27, 2005

Wacka Wacka Wacka

Jen; Circa 1985 Posted by Hello

So I just got a new printer, copier, scanner, fax all in one and I thought I'd try it out. Although I had to use another copier to have Damian scan it...thanks D.

My older brother Randy is 20 years my elder and a professional photographer to boot, therefore the majority of my life has been documented on film. This picture was taken about 21 years ago at my house where I grew up in Bloomington, MN. I was a fish and spent all summer in the pool, thus the sweet tan and bleach blonde hair. The glasses were also mine, and the cigar...well that was compliments of my dad. Just thought this pic would get everyone in the mood to enjoy their summer!

Happy Memorial Day everybody!


i.marzipan said...


Steph said...

That's adorable! It looks like a magazine ad.
I am SO glad it's Memorial Day!
Summer is in full swing in So Cal!!!

Jenni said...

Isn't the bowl cut GREAT! I love my mom but COME ON! I think that was the time I got gum caught in my hair and they had to cut it all off, it was really long and all it took was some grape bubble yum and a really obnoxious bubble blowing contest and "snip" it was all gone...:(