Thursday, May 12, 2005

Pool of Goo

I have officially sworn off the gym hot tub…forever. Why do people sit in the hot tub naked? It’s just a huge hot festering bath of other peoples’ germs. Tonight while at the gym I walked by the hot tub only to encounter a rather large woman exiting the hot tub with breasts that fell down to her knees and a stomach that managed to hide her “nether region.” She had a lot of creases that most probably could hold a lot of goo, which is now swirling around in the hot tub. And it’s not just her. It’s not just because she’s large, the same thing applies to skinny people.
I don’t know, for some reason I believe that a swimsuit could act as a sort of “goo barrier”, or maybe I’m just kidding myself. I hope these people take showers before entering the tub, at least rinse off and get that first layer of goo down the drain beforehand.
That’s it. I can’t even think about it anymore. I must stop while I am ahead. I am sorry if I have unnecessarily grossed anyone out here, but if I did, keep in mind that my goo theory may be correct and I actually could have saved you from some sort of funky goo disease. You’re welcome.


Steph said...

I was drinking a fruit smoothie while I was reading this. Eeww.

Charlie Mc said...

I would never go in those where strangers are....some don't shower, wipe their ass well....etc. If 6 out of 10 people don't wash their hands after using the bathroom, you can only imagine how dirty other areas are!

i.marzipan said...