Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

...And make sure you watch out for THC laced candies...Or seek them out...

Hey, whatever blows your skirt up.

Drug Laced Candy Found in Hennepin County

Chocolates and caramels laced with the active ingredient in marijuana have been discovered in Hennepin County, Sheriff Rich Stanek reported Monday.

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, was found cooked into the candies recently by the Southwest Hennepin Drug Task Force.

"With Halloween this week, it's important to warn parents of this potentially dangerous candy," Stanek said. "If a child eats a small amount of this candy, it's equivalent to smoking very potent marijuana cigarettes."

Which really wouldn't be out of the norm, right? I've always thought of children as just a bunch of drunk adults, imagining them as a bunch of high adults wouldn't be much of a stretch...It may actually calm them down, which would be a good thing...Right?)

The chocolates are thick and heavy, and can be found molded into shapes like hearts, stars, lips (like the Rolling Stones logo) and marijuana leaves. He said that the caramels can look very similar to homemade caramels, just slightly thicker (see photos on left).

(Since when was it ever O.K. to allow your child to accept homemade candy on Halloween from a stranger...If you do, I would say that marajuana laced treats are the least of your worries. I once received a half-eaten french silk pie from my neighbors on Halloween...They had ran out of candy and felt bad. I ate it with my best friend and parents...is this wrong?)

The THC is extracted from marijuana by boiling marijuana plants. The THC becomes oily and rises to the top of the water where it is skimmed off and cooled to create a paste similar to butter. The paste is commonly referred to as "budder." This "budder" can then be cooked into other foods such as brownies, chocolate and caramels.

(Genius, Pure Genius...Beat that Paula Dean!!!)

**Source KSTP.com**

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hot Damn, I'm Lazy

It's been awhile. I am lazy. O.K., well maybe not LAZY, more so busy and uninterested in writing about my uneventful and somewhat recently lame existence.

I may have things to say, people to make fun of, and thoughts to explore, but when it comes down to it I have had no motivation to pull out my computer and actually put my thoughts into a somewhat coherent and entertaining thought process on this thing I call my "Blog." Which really hasn't been or resembled anything like what a blog should be.

It's been more of a posting board for fucked up videos including, but not limited to the recent YouTube video of the Finnish Dude singing his sad, sad, version of the "YMCA."

Which, by the way I still think is hilarious.

I have no excuse.


I could write about my recent obsession with artichokes. Or that fact that after three years of living in seclusion in the basement my recluse cat has decided to finally come upstairs and join the family. Or I could just let it all go and start fresh...from today...living in the now...writing for the present.

Sounds good.

Oh, and can someone tell me why my sidebar has moved all the way down to the bottom of my page? I think it has something to do with the Finnish Dude, but I don't want to accept that because I refuse to delete him.