Thursday, May 26, 2005

Somewhere over the...airport?

So pretty. Posted by Hello

While driving home from my cardio kickbox class at the gym tonight I came across a beautiful sight at the Mpls St. Paul International Airport; A double rainbow! I exited off the freeway and pulled into some maintenance building parking lot to take the shot...and look, my cute little VW is like the pot of gold...awwwww. I was even able to see both ends, however my camera phone didn't allow me to capture the whole thing...isn't it pretty?

Finally, something good to come from all the rain we've had!


Steph said...

It's beautiful!
Once I was driving on the freeway and actually drove through the end of a rainbow. I could actually see it all around me. It was crazy!

i.marzipan said...


Sandra said...

I'm so glad you got a pic of this, I was wishing I had a camera that evening, it was so beautiful!!!

supplymadam said...

This picture was in NY Newsday yesterday!

Jenni said...

Are you serious? MY picture, or a picture just like it?