Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy Birthday USA!

Ahhhhh…it’s Friday. The start to a long holiday weekend…and as I get ready to head up to the cabin tomorrow, I’ve decided to reflect upon my last years trip and re-post my top ten list from the Fourth of July weekend 2005.

I hope you all have a safe and happy Fourth of July, be proud of our Troops and contractors (Barry ;) ) that are overseas fighting for our freedom, and the freedom of others. Include them in your thoughts and prayers as you spend time with family and friends.

The Top Ten Things I Learned this Weekend At the Cabin. (July 2005)

10). Any man who single handidly drinks a two-gallon whiskey sour and still manages to successfully dock a pontoon boat should be the Eighth Wonder of the World.

9). Pillaging the resort next door for their supply of Pop Rocks and coming back an hour later with less than one bag in tow is totally socially acceptable.

8). Chances are if you jump into the lake with your sunglasses on, they will not still be on your head when you surface. The likelihood of them disappearing into the depths of the lake increase significantly when said sunglasses retail for over $150.

7). When you shoot a bottle rocket at someone expect one to be shot at you.

6). The 1972 volume of the HBJ Catholic School Dictionary, eight people, and multiple cocktails can supply at least a good full hour of entertainment.

5). Polishing off three quarters of a liter of vodka in one day will not help you walk better, or more specifically climb stairs. At all.

4). Croquet is more fun one handed with a cocktail in your other hand.

3). Fire + Gasoline = Really Big Fire
Fire + Gasoline + Jenni = Really Bad Idea

2). I don’t care what anyone says, to name your bar “The Beer Hunter” is the best idea. Ever.

1). Taking a really violent fall in front of your friends will trigger the following events to happen, in this order.
a). Gasps and genuine looks of concern.
b). An immediate bath of Bacitracen on all open wounds.
c). Pointing and laughing.
d). Overly dramatic reenactments of said fall…all night long.

The one thing I already knew about the cabin that I was reminded of again this weekend: If life isn’t about good friends, a lake, a cabin, some cocktails and fun, then it should be.

(Stay tuned for Jenni’s Fourth of July 2006 Top Ten List.)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Man Arrested for DUI on lawnmower

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (AP) - A St. Cloud man has been arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated - on a riding lawnmower.

St. Cloud Police said they got a call just before 11 p.m. Tuesday of a severely intoxicated man driving a riding lawnmower through several neighbors' yards, and up and down the street.

Police said they found Karl Benjamin Thompson passed out on his lawnmower in a neighbor's driveway.

The 24-year-old registered a blood alcohol level of 0.23 percent, nearly triple the legal limit of 0.08, police said.

He's being held on second-degree DWI charges, and police seized his lawnmower due to prior DWI convictions.

Although this very well could have been me during a three-day bender at the cabin, I find it extremely hilarious.

The best part is that the police actually seized this guy's lawnmower.

Welcome to Northern Minnesota.

Monday, June 26, 2006


(1). And that was the first and last time Duane was invited to participate in Northern Wisconsin's Wood Carving Benefit for Battered and Abused Women.
However, his giant hoo-ha was purchased by a "M Jackson" for an undisclosed amount of money and appropriately placed next to the petting zoo at Neverland Ranch.

(2). Lisp and tendency to wear women's underwear aside, with just a few strokes of a chainsaw, Carl Manages to validate each and every suspicion that he is in fact a flaming homosexual.

Got a caption? Leave it in the comments!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I'm Sorry

To the lady at my 6:00 Step class. I’m sorry you have no rhythm. I’m sorry that you can’t keep the beat like the rest of the class, even like the 55-year old Chinese lady that stands behind you can. And when I look in the mirror back in your direction as you violently flail your arms around in what looks like a seizure instead of a form exercise, and crack a smile, I hope you realize that I’m smiling because you look ridiculous. I’m sorry.

To the creepy salesman at one of my dealerships. I’m sorry you creep me out. I’m sorry that when you see me walk through the door you run to me, touch my arm and tell me how good it is to see me, or when I’m sitting in my Finance Managers office and you come in and rub my back and simply say “Hello” how it makes me want to jump out of my skin and hide. It’s not me, really, it’s you. I’m sorry.

To the bag boy at the grocery store. I’m sorry your job sucks. I’m sorry the whole bane of your existence revolves around the question “Paper, or Plastic?” I’m sorry that it’s too much to remember not to put the eggs on the bottom of the bag under the pineapple and carton of soy milk most probably because you were in the back with the other bag boys sniffing the nitrous oxide out of the Eazy Cheeze cans. I’m sorry you’re an idiot.

To the Jackoff in the SUV that almost ran me off the road yesterday. I know your car is HUGE and mine is small. I know you were talking on your phone and most probably didn’t see me to your left as you merged onto the freeway as you made your Tee-time or were talking to your wife who was out buying steaks for dinner. And when you waived at me in apology after realizing that you almost killed me and I flicked you off, I meant it. Asshole.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Airport Stories (Alternate Title: Jenni's Takes A Stab At Racial Profiling.)

Yesterday I had a day trip to Chicago that consisted of flying there early and flying back late. Completely uneventful and totally exhausting. As a matter of fact, to let you all know how uneventful it actually was, the highlight was seeing Jesse Jackson escorted through security while I was standing in line with the rest of the “common folk” waiting to be poked, prodded, and felt up like cattle being led off to slaughter.

I hate airports, and I loathe flying, which I think has everything to do with being suspended twenty-seven thousand feet in the air in a machine with breakable parts and mechanics that are more than likely on strike, or at least preparing to go on strike. So, when I finally made it through security I immediately headed for the bar, which I soon found out is where everyone else went. There were lines outside each bar that stretched for a good city block, all for what I assumed to be a little liquid relaxation

I passed up a few offers to join some tables and decided to hit the convenience shop for some eight-dollar eye drops and Chex Mix to tide me over while I sat at the gate, hid myself from the rest of the world, cozied up in the corner with my book, “The Devil Wears Prada”, and tried to forget where I actually was, which did work, for about 45 seconds.

The flight that was supposed to have taken off from the gate my flight was landing at hadn’t, and had been sitting there for about 45 minutes while the mechanics were fixing something, so my flight was moved a few gates down from B9 to B4.

I gathered up my things and made the trek down to my new gate passing a bar that had since cleared from the swarms of people that had earlier occupied it. Finding myself a seat next to a modern day hippie reading some vintage Jane Eyre, I ordered a glass of red wine and zoned out. It didn’t take me long to realize that no one at this bar was smiling, they all ordered their beers, and cocktails and sat there, staring at the television that was broadcasting CNN which was covering a story on Al Queida.

Seriously, though, CNN? In an AIRPORT? They might as well just show footage of the two commercial aircraft flying into the World Trade Center again…just to refresh our memories. Why don’t they broadcast something fun and lighthearted, like “Sponge Bob Square Pants”, or “Good Times?”

15 minutes to board. I finished my glass and headed for the gate, which was packed. I positioned myself behind the last row of seats, set down my computer case and did something I do every time I step foot on an aircraft…I scanned the crowd.

First, I do the natural thing and look for all the people of Middle-eastern descent. Shut-up, you know you do it too. If I see more than four of them I get a little nervous. In this instance there were only two or three, one I couldn’t really tell if he was middle-eastern or just really tan. They didn’t appear to pose much of a threat, at least not enough for a bomb…maybe a little C4 in the shoe, but definitely not a bomb.

I glance to my right to see what appears to be an escapee wearing a dingy green t-shirt, jeans, combat boots, and prison tattoos that cover both arms and part of his neck. He bears an uncanny resemblance to Charles Manson and is staring directly at me. I forego the possibility of using the bathroom for fear of ending up in pieces in the duffel bag he has resting at his feet.

Next, I look for the huge black dudes to counter-act the Muslims. You know, the ones that are at lest six foot five and weigh over three bills, which is ironic because if I were to seek them out in a dark alley I would most probably be frightened, but on an airplane they’re my best friends. I see one of them and he’s collapsed on the floor taking a nap.

Now it’s time to find the kids and pray to GOD that they are not sitting next to me. I see a family of five with three kids ranging in age from five to nine and watch in horror as they polish off a four-pound bag of gummy bears.

And finally, the geriatrics. It is here I look for the man, at least 50+ years old with the beer gut and cholesterol that is higher than Lindsey Lohan on a Friday night. I see him directly in front of me shoving the last fistful of his BK “Meatwhich” into his mouth as I calculate the possibility of having to do an emergency landing in Milwaukee in the event that the very last pinhole of his heavily clogged artery is finally closed for good. After he’s able to breathe again, he wipes the sweat from his brow, washes the meaty mass down with a chocolate shake and opens a Snickers. Shit. I’m screwed.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Loogies And Plaster.

There was no loogie in the drinking fountain this morning, at the gym, of which I am extremely thankful. Last Monday before my 5:45 am. “Step/Sculpt” class I went to get a drink of water only to come face to face with this slimy, disgusting loogie that was lodged in the drain of the drinking fountain which sent my irrefutable bad mood into a winding tail-spin that only got worse throughout the day. Seriously. I had to take half the day as a mental health day after telling one of my clients that I felt like “ripping out all of my hair and setting it on fire in the middle of my living room.”

Which coincidentally is how I felt Friday night. Do you know what this is?

THAT, my friends, is hell in a bucket. Please take note that in the instruction for application it does not give you fair warning that you are about to spend four hours of you life in pure, excruciating plaster hell, and that prior to application you should have already gone to the liquor store to equip yourself with enough booze to keep your mind and body numb during the process.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my house, but you see, my house is a bungalow that was built in 1925, therefore it has plaster walls that are, well, 81 years old and crumbling. The downstairs walls are in relatively good shape, but it’s the upstairs walls that need help, top that with eighteen layers of wallpaper and the unevenness of it all is enough to make you mad. So, instead of just doing what every other sane person would have done and thrown another layer of wallpaper over it, called it a day and enjoyed their Friday evening, I choose to go with “Option b.”

At first I thought, this isn’t SO bad, it’s a little tedious, but can definitely be done. About ten minutes into it I realized that I’m not even close to being done and if I keep this up at a consistent speed I won’t be done for another, what, FOUR HOURS. I walked downstairs, opened a bottle of wine, and took a huge swig...directly from the bottle.

If you would have come over to my house halfway through the process you would have found me swearing as I rolled this shit on, trying to avoid getting the sloppy mess all over my molding and hardwood floors. It was all over my arms, on my face, in my hair…I looked like the abominable snowman with some sort of skin condition. It was pathetic.

And speaking of pathetic, towards the end I was literally sobbing, cursing the good folks at Behr paint and their product that I was convinced had to be the spawn of Satan as I sat in the upstairs hallway surrounded by my own personal hell.

There is a bright side, despite the pain I endured I did do a pretty good job and it looks much better than it did when I started, however, I swore that I would NEVER, EVER do that to myself again. And I won’t. Ever. Again.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Insensitive Pricks...Funny Insensitive Pricks.

This morning I was over at The Dump reading about how the Belligerent Intellectual wore his Analrapist shirt to his sister's 16th birthday party and how he regretted it after he was eyed down by numerous people with looks of complete disgust. He thought it was funny, I think it's funny, but apparently the world is not as funny as he or I.

Which brings me to a similar situation I encountered while up at the cabin this past Memorial Day. I was wearing this t-shirt.

This t-shirt cracks me up. I bought it from this site, that has oodles of sweet and equally funny t-shirts, including, but not limited to the other one I bought..

My friends actually made me turn it inside out...Can you believe that? You see, wearing this t-shirt in the city, and wearing it up in Northern Wisconsin where the Native American population at the bar (where incidentally we were heading) is FAR more prevalent...Wait...I didn't mean to make it sound like that. Ummm...There are more Native Americans at the bar up in Wisconsin than in Minneapolis? No? Not better? Damnit.

Well, without throwing out any unnecessary stereotypes I'll just say that before we entered the bar to sing karaoke and ensue with our garden variety tom foolery, my friends made me turn my shirt inside-out in an attempt to avoid offending "anyone." Which I did...While it was dark outside...With the light on INSIDE THE CAR so EVERYONE IN THE BAR COULD SEE MY BOOBS...Since we were parked in the front row directly in front of the large window. I was wearing a bra, but still...I got a few whistles upon entering, which I immediately blew off because, well, I was already a little tipsy.

So, to get down to why I'm writing about this, I would really like your opinion. I don't think the t-shirt is offensive...Am I totally insensitive and just plain wrong? It's just a play on words...Right?

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Air Guitar...Happens?

Tonight marks a special event in the history of Minneapolis. No, the president is not coming to town, NO, Lindsey Lohan is not shooting another movie...what's going on is FAR bigger.

It's the Regional 2006 US Air Guitar Championship and it's being held right here in my home city. TONIGHT!
(2005 US Air Guitar Champion Fatima "Rockness Monster"Hoang)

You thought YOUR city was something to brag about? PHSSSSSST. You ain't got nothing on this.

What boggles my mind is that there's actually a competition for this. So, instead of just jamming out in my underwear in the living room to some sweet guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen, I could be on stage, in front of, what, TENS of people doing it for PRAISE AND DISTINCTION?

I needed to know more, so I visited their website and found this under the heading "Why Air Guitar?"

Whatever the reason, air guitar is so ingrained in the fabric of American life that it has become an almost instinctual response. Play the right riff and for many of us, air guitar simply happens.

Air Guitar Happens. I can see the t-shirts and bumper stickers now. Don't even think about stealing this gold-mine from my money grubbing grasp. It's all mine.

Some see air guitar as musical self-expression, others as competitive sport, and other still, as a form of performance art.

(?) I see air guitar as an opportunity to get waisted at a bar, get up on stage and make a complete fool our of yourself infront of a live audience.

In a time when US military and economic leadership faces unprecedented criticism around the world, it is our belief that air guitar represents the one field of human endeavor that our country can dominate without controversy. The US Air Guitar Championships is here to make this possible.

We don't need PATRIOTISM, we don't need JOBS, or NATIONAL SECURITY, we just need AIR GUITAR!

I HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT PEOPLE! I have been cheated out of what could have been my only claim to fame! The claim to fame that although would definitely place me within the trailer park crowd, would launch me into Air Guitar fame that is rightfully mine.

Eeh, maybe next year.