Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Happy Birthday Lola!

Lola, Super Dog. Posted by Hello
So for those of you who may not know, I have a Jack Russell Terrier named Lola who turned one year old today! I’m not the type of person to speak incessantly about their dog, so I thought I’d take a moment to introduce Lola and sum up her personality in a nutsack…I mean nutshell (Danika, that never ceases to make me laugh).
Lola is one of those dogs who thinks she’s a human (or cat, or squirrel, whichever is more convenient), hence the sunglasses, a.k.a "Doggles" (see above). She spends her days stalking squirrels out the window, lounging in her chair in the backyard, chewing on bones, guarding the front yard, and disturbing the birds while they try to grab a bite to eat in their bird feeder.
She likes long walks by the lake, eating the occasional goose turd (when I’m not looking), rolling around in anything foul and gross (especially worms) and playing with her dog friends Max and Peetie across the street. She is having a secret love affair with Buddy, the Shar Pei-Lab Mix through the fence in our back yard, and can’t stand Lucy, the lab that lives next door. She prefers Purina to Science Diet and enjoys her snacks throughout the day instead of all at once. She has a stuffed armadillo we’ve named “Army” that she sleeps with and a stuffed mailman that she beats the crap out of. She chews the eyeballs out of all of her toys first and then goes for the knee-caps. This kind of creeps me out but doesn’t stop be from letting her sleep in bed on occasion.
Seriously, this dog attracts all sorts. There was once a time when a lady actually stopped her car in the middle of a busy street just to tell me how cute she is. Wherever I go I get stopped and she soaks up the attention. She is a total ham. She makes my life more interesting and puts a smile on my face every single morning, for that I am eternally grateful. Happy Birthday Lola!


Steph said...

Admit it...you named her after the Manilow song!!!
Please tell me you got her after our Phil Shane night - oh, shoot!! That was in Sept.! Well, you must have known the incredible impact that song would have on your life!! :)
She's a cutie!

Charlie Mc said...

Happy Birthday LOLA!!!!!! :)

I just got a beagle a month ago, and I get the same thing, people stop in their tracks to pet or play with him...it's pretty cool!

Jenni said...

Ok. So Manilow definately had something to do with her name. However I hate to disappoint you as we got her in August before I was introduced to Phil Shane. We are thinking of getting another one...a boy. Can you guess the name? "His name was Rico, he wore a diamond...." DUH! What else would we name him?

i.marzipan said...

Happy Birthday Lola, you're a Good Dog!