Monday, May 02, 2005

Odd Sightings...

Someone should be fired on the North St. Paul City Council Posted by Hello

This week has been an interesting week full of weird and strange sightings. I’ve decided to make a list.

1). Was manually accosted by the “Helping Hands” transportation bus. I’ll let you know that the hand I saw was all but helping after I cut him off because he was weaving in and out of traffic and driving erratically with complete disregard for his fellow drivers and the handicapped person propped up in their wheel chair in the back of his “Helping Hands” van…prick. I’d have to say that guy is 100% Skank.

2). The State Patrol officer standing next to his smashed in cruiser with no more back end on the shoulder of the east bound lane of 94. There was no other car. Hit and Run? Or accident caused by spilled coffee and dropped doughnut?

3). Politically profound bumper sticker that read; “Clinton: Blow Jobs. Bush: No Jobs.”

4). Snow

5). Early 90’s Pontiac Bonneville with the name “Stormy” spray painted on the front panel being driven by a Vietnam Veteran aged mad with a grey beard and a sombrero in the back seat.

6). (This isn’t really a sighting, but more of an occurrence) Falling down the stairs at a dealership with my client and then proceeded to get into my car and spill my newly purchased steaming hot Soy Chai Late all over my lap while driving.

7). Two story cement snowman in North St. Paul. (See picture taken while driving.)
Who at the city council meeting let this pass? Come ON!

8). Ceramic cactus tea party on lawn of individual on the way to New Prague. Not only did this person have a group of cacti sitting on metal chairs with a ceramic donkey and wagon, but they also had multiple deer, dogs, pigs, and other lawn ornamentation that will be sure to make you jerk your car off the side of the road and into the ditch trying to take it all in. I should know, I almost did. I didn’t get a picture this time; I promise I will take a shot next time I drive by.

9). Customer at one of my dealers who strangely resembles Darryl from “Coming to America.” You know the character, the one who promotes “Soul Glow.” I kid you not, this guy is the spitting image with the glowing soul and everything. I hadn’t seen jerry curl since the mid eighties. Please don’t tell me it’s coming back in style…PLEASE GOD NO!


i.marzipan said...

I need a camera phone!! That is awesome!

Steph said...

Don't worry, maybe falling down the stairs at the dealership was endearing and they'll send you more deals! Or maybe not. ;)
Did you at least top it off with a big gymnastics finish?