Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Writing's on the Wall

Check out this email we received today from our marketing department regarding an order of pens that we were supposed to receive to pass out to clients. I have my own theory behind this...

"Hello, Marketing is holding off on the pen order until the final alignment of the sales region structure. I will keep in touch with marketing for updates."



Prepare yourself. The majority of you are about to be unceremoniously laid off. Spending billions of dollars to bailout other corporations who have found themselves up "Shit Creek" aside, we feel that giving you a $25 box of 250 count pens to be excessive. We will not provide parting gifts, nor will we allow you to never have to buy a pen again for the next 10 or so odd years. If you should need something to hand out to dealers, we have some golf tees at the back of the supply closet that we can send you, providing that you pay shipping and handling and include them on your expense report.

Get your resume ready, it's "go" time.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Beautiful Night in Minneapolis

Despite the fact that I am surrounded by Republicans, I have to say that this week has turned out to be beautiful.

I was inside doing some cleaning when I looked out the window and saw the most amazing sunset.

So, I hopped on my bike and ventured down to the lake to snap a few pictures.

I am so fortunate to live in a city where I can travel but a mere three blocks from my home and look at something this amazing.

It's good to be me right now...I hope everyone's night is as beautiful as mine.

Good night all...