Monday, May 30, 2005

Attack of the Killer Orange...Tabby?

Cat fun gone seriously wrong... Posted by Hello

This weekend I agreed to look after Chrissy and Lukes cat Captain Morgan (Morgan for short). It was our responsibility to go over every night, feed him and play with him a bit so he wouldn’t be “as pissed off” when they return.

The first night we went over and everything was fine, until Josh walked Lola through the door on her leash and WHAP. It was like an encounter with Jackie Chan, only in feline form; there was blood all over the kitchen floor and Lola had gotten a claw to the nose. So I cleaned it up, created a sort of doggie nose tourniquet thingy and Josh headed downstairs with the dog. After a while Morgan started to settle down and Josh and Lola had let down there guard when out of nowhere came “Tarzan Morgan” flying through the air, all paws and claws ready for more scratchin action. That did it. Josh was now officially afraid of this cat. This is when we decided to leave and make sure that the next day we didn’t bring the dog.

So, the second day came and Josh and I arrive at the Murrays sans Lola. Josh forgot about his newfound cat fear and started playing with Morgan, which led to downstairs. I was upstairs pouring a glass of water when I hear…”OUCH! SON OF A…” I looked down the stairs and there was Josh with the fear of God in his eyes, and Morgan blocking him so he could not go up the stairs. Josh refused to pass him, which now that I know I don’t blame him. The way he explains it is that he and Morgan were playing when he decided to go upstairs and that’s when Morgan attacked. He leaped straight up, attached himself to his thigh via his two front cat fangs, and scratched his calf (See above picture). As if it wasn’t bad enough with Lola, we now have two causalities, which only means on thing…I was next.

Tonight, the last night, we went over, and I was forced to face the mad cat alone. Josh refused to enter the house so he decided to water the flowers instead, leaving me all to myself with El Capitano. And much to my surprise, nothing happened. Just some aggressive purring and rubbing up against my legs, that’s about it. I guess I was spared from the Jeckell side of Morgan, maybe because he likes me, or maybe he did it just to mess with me. Who knows, and I guess I’ll never know, until the next time I’m alone with the Tabby from hell.


ERL said...

oh my god - that looks ... painful (to say the least)

Jenni said...

Yeah, definately not sexy...by the way, that's Josh's leg...not mine (thank you God.) ;)

The Muse said...

Ow, baby, very ow!!!
And thank you, Jenni & Danika... I needed something else to distract me from work - going back and reading the archives was the perfect way to ease back into my VERY short week.

Charlie Mc said...

:( looks painful!

i.marzipan said...

Josh, what are you doing, showing all that leg? On the internet? HUSSY!

supplymadam said...

Reminds me of my mom's cat.This cat attacked my dog(who may I add can be very intimidating) He's a nasty little MF! When he goes to the vet he gets a shot to sedate him so he's out cold for a couple of hours. That's the only time he'll let me hold him. He's so beautiful that you just want to pet him and then Whack!
I just linked you from CMac Blog. I've been trying to visit new sights. Keep up the good work!

Greekgirl said...

I've never liked cats...I'm a dog lover, and now, after reading this terrifying little story, now I fear them as well.