Friday, July 01, 2005

Let's get this party started...right?

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I love my boss. I’m serious. I don’t know how many blogs I read that complain about their boss. Maybe it’s because it’s the thing to do, sit around and bitch and complain about your boss. Or maybe there are people out there who really have horrible luck with their “man in charge.”

I was expecting to work today and when I got a call from my buyer saying he was ill, I was expecting it to be an even longer day in front of my computer buying loans from the que. That is, until I got this awesome email from my boss.

Go to the Cabin! Have a good weekend--Get refreshed and ready for 150% in July.


I will handle the Q!

Did I mention that I love my boss?

Did I also mention that I am SO excited to go to the cabin? Well, today’s the day and I’m ready and roaring to get the hell outa Dodge.

As I’m wrapping up this entry “It’s a Beautiful Day” by U2 is on the radio and it seems the perfect time to sign off. So, everyone out there, please have a great Fourth of July weekend! Happy Birthday USA!


darianj said...

That Kool! I actually have no complaints about my boss either.

Have a good 4th!

GQ1NYC said...

I like everyone I work with, just not my VP. He's Coffin Breath. But my CEO, Supervisors, Office managers, Cleaning crew, and Mail lady Kick Ass and we all have fun. Have a great 4th!

BlackJack said...

I am officially jealous. I get along with my boss, but I'm at work damnit.

Hopefully the big bosses will send the 'go home' email around 1 or so.

Have fun at the cabin!

Charlie Mc said...

Have an amazing weekend!!!!

x said...

Have a great weekend!

Urban Bella said...

You went to Wisconsin? I'm from Wisconsin! I went to college in Minneapolis.

Woo-hoo! Wisconsin, baby!