Thursday, July 21, 2005

Yep...I'm a dork.

It started as it usually does, with the tapping of the feet. Then the fingers start on the steering wheel in the same rhythm. Tap tap tappity tap on the steering wheel. Only this time it was an all out dance party with myself in the Cabrio. A dance party set to the one and only “Dancing in the Street.” Yep, I’m a dork.

My head was a boppin, my hands were a jiving, and I was ready to party. And when that really attractive man in the 7 series BMW showed up next to me at the stoplight, it wasn’t a big deal. Unlike any normal girl who would’ve rolled up her window and stopped the moves, I kept on jamming, like the diva that I thought I was. He looked at me, smiled, and turned his radio to the exact same station and made up his own moves.

For a moment we were like Ginger Rogers and Danny Fuckin Kaye. The light turned green and when he wanted to race my 4 banger VW, I couldn’t hold the heat against his 8-cylinder automobile of fire. I was lost in the dust. But I didn’t care because by radio was pumping and I was ready, ready for more to come.

So, tonight I went to Cloggy’s, which is a local hole in the wall bar by my house. It was Josh, Damian, Erica and I, two pool tables and a bar full of drunken softball players. We were all in it for the long hall. I’d have to say the most humorous moment of the night was watching the only brother in the joint try and dance to “Summer Lovin” alone, in the middle of the bar, because, what else are these summer nights for? But fun.


mr_g said...

Satellite radio in my car has turned me back into the guy who has the music blaring with the windows open...which gets strange looks when you're listening to the Dead, Stringcheese INcident, Widespread Panic and other jam bands that nobody's heard of...I feel like such a geek and don't really care!

darianj said...

That's right! Play your music and don't give a care abut who's around!

mikey said...

is that it? tell me more, tell me more! did you get very far?

Jenni said...

Mr G: My friend Dave is going to see Widespread Panic in Detroit Lakes MN this weekend. So, don't feel bad! I've heard of them!

Darian: Damn Skippy!

Mikey: Tell me more, tell me more, like does he have a car?

Sandra said...

I always thought it was "Tell me more, tell me more, like the seat of a car?" Now I don't know.

You're starting to become a regular at Cloggy's...dont ya like places with windows?

i.marzipan said...

Cloggy's has a DANCE FLOOR? Does the "dance floor" do double duty as the "Pool table"?

Rob Lowe said...

Summer rules. Thanks for bringing me into the spirit.

p.s.(only guys like Ted from calabasas can afford 7 series). Ha.

Sunfish said...

Hell yeah! Last night was fun, you did the twist fabulously. I have a similar story. Me: in my Honda jammin' out to some Michael Bolton, him: generic white worker van. Our eyes met and we smiled shyly at one another. The light turned green and he got behind me, started to follow. I turned right, so did he. I sped up through a yellow, he ran the red. Some would call that creepy. I thought was incredibly romantic!

madman said...

I need directions to the club--every time I am up that way--only the women dance at the clubs I'm at!

Jenni said...

Sandra: "Like the seat of a car!" HA! And don't ever use the words you, regular, and Cloggy's in the same sentence ever again. Ever. ;)

Danika: Yeah, about the dance floor which is technically a small area between the two pool tables. When it's that late at night and one is that drunk a dance floor can be made pretty much anywhere. You know that!

Rob: So true, however Ted was without Connie...she was probably at a Botox party removing the wrinkles from her forehead.

TB: I loved how we wiped the pool table with the boys...they couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Suckas!

Madman: Just let us know when you're going to be in town...we'll take you out for the night of your life!

Charlie Mc said...

I'll blast whatever, wherever, I don't care!!!

x said...

I saw Widespread Panic at UW-Oshkosh.

Love car music. Loud with the windows down. But not that annoying bass-rap crap loud that just annoys the hell out people stuff. No, the good stuff. I'm kind of elitist, I guess.