Thursday, July 21, 2005

My friends suck.

Damian sent me this over email today with the lone caption of "Ha." I assume it's from "Family Guy" which is quite possibly the best show on TV. But still, I am concerned, is he trying to tell me something here?



Charlie Mc said...

kick his ass. :)

BlackJack said...


You have to love friends that go out of their way to make fun of you. It shows they care!

Sunfish said...
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Sunfish said...

I got one too. It said dork, idiot, peter, erica. Being sub-idiot level, I initially thought it was actually from the show. Then I checked out the link... How about smartass, jackass, ass, Damian?

neal gardner said...

your friend has waaaay too much free time.

or maybe this was his way of doing a "stop being a big, stupid dumbass" intervention on you.

i'm assuming choice 1 is a bit closer to the truth.

Steph said...

HA! I'm going to have to copy that and send it to every Jen I know!! :)