Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Watch out Amway...here I come!

So, I pinky swore one of my clients that I would do this. Actually, I pinky swore TWO of my clinets that I would do this.
It's kind of like a pyramid thing. You spend $10 a month to get your own website
(mine is www.swankychic.ws) and then you refer your friends, associates, enemies, etc. to your website where they can sign up and refer other people and then you get paid on them and their referrals. The principal is really quite ingenious. I mean, shit, if anything you get a website out of it equipped with email.

This whole thing is based on the principal that the .com and .net's are going to run out in the near future and the .ws's are relatively new...so if you want to get your website, with your name or catchy jingle you can do it here. I even researched this company, apparantly "INC Magazine" named it the 37th fastest growing company in the US.

I told them I'd try it for a year and see how it goes. What's $10 a month? Right? And I really don't have to do any work. The worst thing that can happen is I have some entertainment with my website and I can also sit back and watch and see if this works. Besides, it's completely at my own will, I can cancel at anytime. If you want to have fun and try it, or if you need a website, just click on the banner above...COME ON! EVERYBODY'S doing it ;)

So, I have yet to put anything up on my site. I have to think of what I want to do with it. Any suggestions? Besides poern. Perverts.


mikey said...

well, you can't do poern, because the new article 2257. so if anyone asks, you have an excuse.

i dunno. paying $10 a month for that? honestly, i think you're better off just doing Google ads on your blog for free.

Charlie Mc said...

sex toys and redi-whip.

ERL said...

hmmm...pyramid schemes typically only work for the people at the verrrrrry top.

Anonymous said...

company is only been doing MLM for 10 months so jennifer is very near the top!!!

mikey said...

and don't forget... "just" $10 a month works out to $120 a year. if you just saved that, you could buy some cute shoes.

on a side note... can i get your email address? i promise not to spam you. or proposition you.

madman said...

sub-lease the site for $20.00 a month.

GQ1NYC said...

Good Idea Madman, I've been involved in a couple of those programs as some of my family members and it doesn't work. Do some people make money? Yeah but it takes alot of time and money before you start to see anything. It's not worth $10 a month, that's $10 less beer.

The Muse said...

Yeah, I'd have to go for the $120 shoes.

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