Friday, July 22, 2005

It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's a short bus!

Here she comes...here comes speed racer! Posted by Picasa

When you see multipe short busses would they be considered a herd? Maybe a gaggle, or a murder? And what would you do if you were to drive by a parking lot full of them? Why, I would get my picture taken with them in some random pointing pose...that's what I would do!

And Look! They even left one behind! Poor Poor "Special Josh..."


neal gardner said...

think of all of the poor kids who wear hockey equipment (and who aren't on the team) that were left at home so that this picture could be taken.

Nic said...

Uh, was it a short bus convention? I don't get it.

Jenni said...

Neal: I know, how sad.

Nic: It was just a parking lot full of them...and I just found it amusing. A lot full of short busses...heh.

neal gardner said...

jenni: great pic. how often do you see a long line of multicolored short buses lined up as if they're on a starting line? once again, the beauty of sponteneity and a digital camera. do you know the guy in the second photo? did he pose for it? another great pic. head start... hehe.