Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Top Ten Things I Learned this Weekend at the Cabin.

My new favorite t-shirt...isn't it great? A little tacky maybe, but great nonetheless. Posted by Picasa

I’ve made it back from the long weekend in Northern Wisconsin, and mostly in one piece. I thought of writing a story, but the story would be way too long and frankly, I’m way too tired to even begin. So, after letting the events marinate in my head for a while, I decided to make a top ten list which keeps the description (and work) at a minimum, but also leaves something up to the imagination as well. So here goes…

The Top Ten Things I Learned this Weekend At the Cabin.

10). Any man who single handidly drinks a two-gallon whiskey sour and still manages to successfully dock a pontoon boat should be the Eighth Wonder of the World.
9). Pillaging the resort next door for their supply of Pop Rocks and coming back an hour later with less than one bag in tow is totally socially acceptable.
8). The ear to ear grin of two people that leave a campfire to go “crack one off” and then return to the party is as obvious as daylight.
7). When you shoot a bottle rocket at someone expect one to be shot at you.
6). The 1972 volume of the HBJ Catholic School Dictionary, eight people, and multiple cocktails can supply at least a good full hour of entertainment.
5). Polishing off three quarters of a liter of vodka in one day will not help you walk better, or more specifically climb stairs. At all.
4). Croquet is more fun one handed with a cocktail in your other hand.
3). Fire + Gasoline = Really Big Fire
Fire + Gasoline + Jenni = Really Bad Idea
2). I don’t care what anyone says, to name your bar “The Beer Hunter” is the best idea. Ever.
1). Taking a really violent fall in front of your friends will trigger the following events to happen, in this order.
a). Gasps and genuine looks of concern.
b). An immediate bath of Bacitracen on all open wounds.
c). Pointing and laughing.
d). Overly dramatic reenactments of said fall…all night long.

The one thing I already knew about the cabin that I was reminded of again this weekend:

If life isn’t about good friends, a lake, a cabin, some cocktails and fun, then it should be.


x said...

Sounds like you had a blast!

Miss_Vicki said...

The Beer Hunter - brilliant!!!

Damn, I need to find me some friends out here on the west coast, sounds like fun! :)

Charlie Mc said...

great post!!!! So glad you enjoyed!

darianj said...

Great Post...On day you gotta tell the full story of #3.

JUL'S said...

I like your Holiday better than mine!! I'm jealous!! Isn't learning with friends great? Jul's

mikey said...

What about the rule where, if you hear a strange sound, you have to be naked before you go investigate?

Oh wait, that's from horror movies.

So. When do we get the story on #3?

Mpls_red said...

The two things I learned at the cabin this 4th of July weekend:
1. Just cause I CAN drink 17 liquid Viagra's (Jagermeister + Red Bull energy drink), dosen't mean I should.
2. It has been confirmed, you can get the "spins" while sitting upright on the couch, the day after drinkin 17 liquid Viagra's.

madman said...

FUNNY FUNNY POST--I hope you had no thrid degree burns!

Rob Lowe said...

I love drunk girls. Invite me next time.

neal gardner said...


Jenni said...

Libby: As always,the best time. Ever.

Miss Vicki: I KNOW...I love the Beer Hunter and whenever we're up there we make it a point to stop by, the owners are awesome.

CMAC: Thanks! And I did!

Darian: Actually, there is no real story on #3. To keep from any accidents it was predetermied that Fire+Gas+Jenni=Really Bad Idea

Juls: You can't beat learning with friends...it's always a blast.

Mikey: Naked, yeah...for some reason there was no skinny dipping this year? I'm going back in a couple of weeks...we'll save the horror for then ;)

Mpls Red: You are too funny. Maybe next time you'll realize that just because it tastes like candy, doesn't mean it is. By the way, thanks for my deals last month! Lets do four this month and if not...I'll buy you a liquid viagra.

Madman: No, third degree burns. Just sunburns and road rash.

Rob Lowe: I love you too. Sure!

Neal: :)

GQ1NYC said...

I love funny T-Shirts.

Best place for T-Shirts. T-Shirt Hell.com

I bought my girl a shirt that reads.

Who Needs Big Tits (Front)
When You Have An Ass Like This (Back)

She only were's it in the house, but I crack up every time I read it.

Nic said...

Oh Jenni. That t-shirt is crazy. But it also puts the song "Reservations" by Wilco in my head - which is a complete 180 from the shirt. (It's a love song!) This post made me miss my summers at my family's cabin on a river here in CA. There is just something about a cabin and good friends...

Veeba said...

You're fun. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend. Number one thing I learned this weekend...getting drunk and dancing provocatively then preceding to pretend to be a lesbian and making out with your friend does NOT get the scanky boys to leave you alone. It just makes more flock around you.