Wednesday, June 15, 2005

"Wood lives on in infamy...literally."

A bronzed portrait of a hummer...It's about damn time! Posted by Hello

If you were to walk by this monument, what would you think? Would it make you uncomfortable if you were with Grandma? Would you have your picture taken by it? For the full story click here.

I can make my own assumptions of what this means. And let’s just say it has it’s home in a predominately gay area in Toronto. Silly Canadians!


GQ1NYC said...

I think I would laugh my ass off to and take a picture. Really funny.

BetelGeuse said...

I just hope Grandma could hold the camera steady while I bared my ass, looked over my shoulder with an innocent “there is no scratches on my penis” look. LOL

But honestly, what was the artist thinking when he/she decided to depict this moment in history? And why would the gay community of Toronto embrace this monument as “…fits with the spirit of the community” and “…an important link to the area's colorful history…”. Is the gay community relaying that it is based on deceptive measures to cop a feel? Probably not, think that this once again is just an act of poor journalism.

BTW – I am no “molly” just a lesbian stuck in a mans body. ;-)

Miss_Vicki said...

They should have one of those cut-outs where you can stick your head through :op

I doubt my grandma, or even my parents, would know a hummer if they saw one :op

Charlie Mc said...

I think there's a hummer museum somewhere....probably San francisco

madman said...


mikey said...

if that's the plaque that went up, i wonder what the rejected plaques looked like? because i think that the time has come for an official plaque displaying a bronze facial.

scrappy said...

Silly Canadians, isn't that an oxymoron?

R. U. Serious said...

On one hand, I think if grandma saw that, she'd die.

On the other hand, at least it's interesting.

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