Saturday, June 18, 2005

A precursor as to what's to come, or a harmless frappucino. You decide. Posted by Hello

I’m looking California and feeling Minnesota. –Soundgarden “Outshined”

Today as I was driving down the freeway I realized something. I’m a conformist. Now, I’m not talking ultra-conventional conformist, I’m talking I tend to buy name brand items and like to afford the “nicer” things in life.

This all came about as I was driving home from the gym I belong to at which I pay way too much money in monthly dues, drinking a Starbucks iced soy chai latte, wearing my over-priced Nike air running shoes, and driving my VW convertible. The song “Outshined” came on the radio and I was mesmerized…something about that line “I’m looking California, and feeling Minnesota” hit a nerve and it just all came crashing down. Is this what I’ve become…something of a stereotype? A “soccer mom” waiting to happen? I can’t have that!

I need to break the mold and I need everyone’s help…desperately. What can I do to change this? What can I do to make myself less of a stereotype and more of an individual WITHOUT dying my hair pink and piercing my face. Or am I just over reacting and I’m really nothing of a stereotype of which I so hastily self-diagnosed?

Any suggestions?


Charlie Mc said...

Just be who you are happy being, fuck what everyone thinks or any "stereotypes"

Mpls_red said...

Go see an over-priced therapist in his swank over-priced, barely furnished, post modern downtown office. Pull some travel "Kleenex" brand tissue from your Coach purse. Tell him you feel as though you are a material girl living in a materil world. Once done in his plush office, go directly to the closest Banana Republic and pick up some linen slacks that are on sale.

Rob Lowe said...

The picture you painted ain't so bad. Go easy on yourself.

But I think girls with pink streaks are mad sexy. Oh, and maybe turn this into a porn site.

snowskatermn said...

your as original as they come, jen

madman said...

You cannot escape your destiny--so take a valium and enjoy the day. Though I have read your posts---face it---you are not normal. You will never be a sterotypical anything.

Maki said...

It's your money. You should feel free to spend it however you want. If what you spend it on falls within the mainstream, so be it. Take music, for example. I have friends who will make fun of me for having the new Coldplay album, but I'd rather listen to that than some crappy indie band with a whiny lead singer and a clever name. Does that make me a conformist for going with the mainstream? No, I'd consider myself a conformist if I listened to something I don't like just to fit in with them.

The short of it? Do like the Digital Underground said in their classic 1989 political statement of fury and "Doowhutchalike."

Apropos to nothing, I always liked Minnesota better than California anyway. Except in January.

Jenni said...

Charlie: That's right! Fuck em!
Mpls-Red: Where are my deals you promised. You said three, I have none. Get on that.
Rob Lowe: I admire your honesty. And if you don't remember the picture of my boobs awhile back, that's as close to a porn site as it's going to get. So enjoy it while it lasted ;)
Snowskaterman (Damian): Your comment reaks of sarcasm...if I am correct Pound Sand. If I misunderstood, Thanks!
Madman: Thanks! I think.
Maki: You hit the nail on the head, my friend. Did you ever notice how the people that are trying to be different are almost all surprisingly the same? Thanks for the input!

josheatspbj said...

I eat stereotypes for breakfast.

John S. said...

Nothing wrong with having popular stuff becuase you like it.

The problem comes in when you have stuff because other people like it.

Anonymous said...

you can rebel the way i do...i shop/eat at over priced botiques in L.A. It makes me feel like I am supporting the little man good for local buisness. But most of all it makes me feel COOL and rebelious!

Jenni said...

Josh, dear, please don't tell me you are going to be the cookie monster of the blogging world...

John S: Great point!

Anonymous: I am fully for supporting my local businesses, and I already do so! Smaller businesses put the uniqueness in our lives, without them we would be just one huge Home Depot...yikes.

Steph said...

First of all, your response to mpls_red is hysterical! Beating him up for deals in your blog. Go Jen!

And secondly - HEY!! Wait a minute! Didn't you just call ME a soccer mom like last week?! :)

GQ1NYC said...

Watch Fight club. "This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time." "You're not your job. You're not how much money you have in the bank. You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet. You're not your fucking khakis."

By the way you made me crave a Mint chip Frappachino

Jenni said...

Steph: No harm no foul on the soccer mom thing...you're so cute! And yes, I beat up my dealers any chance I get ;)

GQ: Ahhh, Fight Club. Seen it. I agree, you're very right. OOhh, Mint Chip Frappachino...gotta go.