Monday, June 20, 2005

Random Drunk Picture #1

That's nippleiscious... Posted by Hello

This is my friend Ben. Ben is a drunk, he is not an alcoholic. I decided to post this picture mainly because it makes me laugh, but also because it is probably the drunkest picture I own. It was taken at his cabin in southern MN a couple of years ago after a day of drinking and fun in the sun on the pontoon boat.

To tell you the truth, I don’t know if he was trying to be sexy in this picture, or if he just wanted me to take a picture of his nipple…either way it’s fucked up. Fucked up, but funny nonetheless.


josheatspbj said...


That is Minnesotan for refill.

Miss_Vicki said...

He's hot! Well, in a drunk slobbery sorta way ;o)
(shit, did I say that out loud?)

Charlie Mc said...

I love drunken nipple exposure!

madman said...

Well--at least he is not lactating. It is a funny picture---is he aware of your post?

Fred said...

Was it cold in the cabin?

Rob Lowe said...

I love the sunglass on head look.

p.s. great nips

BetelGeuse said...

Guess Ben won't be running for President. But then again, oral sex in the oval office is OK, so I say "Go for it Ben!"

Jenni said...

Josh: No, that's Minnesotan for drunk.
Miss Vicki: Yes, Ben does well with the Ladies, so don't worry about saying anything out loud...
CMAC: Cheers!
Madman: A lactating man...hmmmm. And yes, he did recieve an email of his debut on Swank or Skank.
Fred: No, not cold. Just mad sexy ;)
Rob Lowe: You know, I didn't even notice the sunglasses until you pointed the out. Good eye.
P.S. Nice
Betelgeuse: I don't think we have to worry about Ben running for president. President of the Eagles Club maybe, where this picture would be more than socially acceptable and most probably be the one chosen for his portrait to hang in the hall.

GQ1NYC said...

Sadly I had a similar picture taken of me this weekend which I will not post. I was pretty drunk and looked the same when I did it.
Oh the Humanity!

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

Too funny!

Maugham Malraux said...

Both funny and fucked up.