Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy Birthday USA!

Ahhhhh…it’s Friday. The start to a long holiday weekend…and as I get ready to head up to the cabin tomorrow, I’ve decided to reflect upon my last years trip and re-post my top ten list from the Fourth of July weekend 2005.

I hope you all have a safe and happy Fourth of July, be proud of our Troops and contractors (Barry ;) ) that are overseas fighting for our freedom, and the freedom of others. Include them in your thoughts and prayers as you spend time with family and friends.

The Top Ten Things I Learned this Weekend At the Cabin. (July 2005)

10). Any man who single handidly drinks a two-gallon whiskey sour and still manages to successfully dock a pontoon boat should be the Eighth Wonder of the World.

9). Pillaging the resort next door for their supply of Pop Rocks and coming back an hour later with less than one bag in tow is totally socially acceptable.

8). Chances are if you jump into the lake with your sunglasses on, they will not still be on your head when you surface. The likelihood of them disappearing into the depths of the lake increase significantly when said sunglasses retail for over $150.

7). When you shoot a bottle rocket at someone expect one to be shot at you.

6). The 1972 volume of the HBJ Catholic School Dictionary, eight people, and multiple cocktails can supply at least a good full hour of entertainment.

5). Polishing off three quarters of a liter of vodka in one day will not help you walk better, or more specifically climb stairs. At all.

4). Croquet is more fun one handed with a cocktail in your other hand.

3). Fire + Gasoline = Really Big Fire
Fire + Gasoline + Jenni = Really Bad Idea

2). I don’t care what anyone says, to name your bar “The Beer Hunter” is the best idea. Ever.

1). Taking a really violent fall in front of your friends will trigger the following events to happen, in this order.
a). Gasps and genuine looks of concern.
b). An immediate bath of Bacitracen on all open wounds.
c). Pointing and laughing.
d). Overly dramatic reenactments of said fall…all night long.

The one thing I already knew about the cabin that I was reminded of again this weekend: If life isn’t about good friends, a lake, a cabin, some cocktails and fun, then it should be.

(Stay tuned for Jenni’s Fourth of July 2006 Top Ten List.)


snowskatermn said...

bring a helmet and fire extinguisher
use as needed

Teri M. said...

And step away from the rider mower!

Have fun, you lucky girl.

Barry said...

Jenni - first of all thanks.

Second: Fire + Gasoline + Jenni = Really Bad Idea

You make me laugh a lot!

Happy 4th right back at ya.

Barry S. said...
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Barry S. said...

Is it me or do I see a pattern with your Top 10 list:

You are a clumsy drunkard.

Happy July 4th! Try not to burn down Minnesota over the weekend.

1:38 PM

The Muse said...

Have a great 4th - mine is going to spent with my family (always cause for concern), old high school friends (always cause for embarassment), and my little sister and her friends (always cause for me to consume massive amounts of alcohol just to make it through the night)...

Leezer said...

You are hilarious. Have a safe and sane fourth of july.

LZ Blogger said...

Seriously Jenni... $150 sunglasses? That's more than I paid for my first car. Have a GREAT Fourth! ~ jb///

Momentary Academic said...

Be careul and have loads of fun!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I would go to a bar called The Beer Hunter. I'd watch a movie called the Beer Hunter. Hell, I'd star in it.

treespotter said...

this sounds eeriely resembling my weekend. only i can't think of all ten.

Bud said...

Fun stuff. I got to watch a lot of that activity while playing a gig yesterday!

Neil said...

Hope there were as many fireworks as last year.

mysterygirl! said...

Hope this cabin weekend was just as much fun!