Monday, May 08, 2006

Wow, did this week fly by or what?! (Alternate Title: I'm a Slacker)

I really have nothing to say about my commitment, or lack thereof, to this blog in the recent week. I have been busy though, so I’ve decided to make a photo documentary of what I’ve been up to the past week.

Besides, work, which is the obvious, I decided to take Friday off to give myself a long weekend in order to do some things around the house. Now it’s Monday morning and I’m so exhausted I wish I would’ve taken off work to do nothing but sit around and relax…no such luck.


Friday was to be my day for antiquing. I planned on looking for an old bookcase to store books and things in my front entryway/sunroom. I went to multiple antique stores and although I didn’t find a bookcase I found something better…I found a mantle (see below).

Being the clever and crafty individual that I am I decided to purchase this antique mantle (which is shown upside down) from a cute little antique store on 50th and Xerxes, and **make it into a bookcase. The lady at the store was so impressed with my creativity that she was going to have one made for her daughter-in-law when she found another mantle, and she was even the interior designer! I know, I rock.


Being the charitable and giving (along with clever and crafty) individual that I am I spent Saturday with Josh, Lola, Chrissy, Luke and sweet baby Lance at the 32nd Annual Walk for the Animals to benefit the Animal Humane Society , which is the largest of it’s kind in the world, raising more money than any other for their organization. I managed to get $175 in pledges and score myself a nice t-shirt.
Here are Chrissy, Luke, Lance and I stopping for a photo-op at the half-way-point.

After our walk we took the top down in The Rollerskate and went for a little ride and then **headed home to do some gardening, mow the lawn, and plant some shrubs. Our neighbor across the street, who is a professional landscaper and owns his own landscaping company gave us some plants and shrubs that were left over from a job that he had recently done and some great advice as to where to plant them.


In the morning we took Lola for a bike ride around Lake Nokomis,which is right by our house, stopped at the Nokomis Coffee Shop for a chai tea, ran into Sandra and Laddie and chatted for a bit, and then it was time to head home to spend some time with my parents who decided to come up and hang with Josh and I for the day.
We ended up having lunch at Tuggs on St. Anthony Main, and going to Bachmans to find some plants and flowers for my flower boxes that Josh recently made for me.
This picture is of the front of the house, with the new shrubs, hydrangea and other cool plants we bought to make the house look ever so charming and cottagy.

I have yet to plant the flower boxes, I’m hoping to get those done this week sometime and fill them with flowers like these…

While Josh was busy with the yard, fertilizing, planting some more shrubs and such, I decided to do the neighborly thing and bake my favorite Rosemary-Semolina, Olive Oil and Sea Salt round to give to my neighbor to thank him for his help with our landscaping. However, I couldn’t bake just one, had to make another because when you spend five hours baking bread and can’t have a taste…well…that just sucks.

**Should read have Josh make it into a bookcase.
**Should read, headed home for Josh to mow the lawn, and plant some shrubs.


Momentary Academic said...

I'm so impressed with all of the work that you (and Josh) have done. I would love to have some bread as well. :)

The Muse said...

Wow, Jenni, what a weekend! I'll eventually get to posting mine... I just have to remember all of it. :)

iheartbacon said...

Sounds like you had a boring weekend.Antiquing? Lawn work? That's what my grandparents do. I spent Friday boxing Paul and kicking his ass............the bike sounded fun.

i.marzipan said...

Jen, that bread looks familiar, is it the same bread that I make?

Can't wait to see your landscaping and bookcase, looks beautiful! I spent a similar weekend digging in the yard and have a serious sunburn to show for it :)

Sandra said...

Oh my gosh your front walkway is so adorable. Well done!!

Heather B said...

I adore your mantle idea, I love finding or making things for the house I know no one else will have.

Bud said...

Love the mantle idea! We have a town next to us called Nokomis. Now I have to try to find out where that name comes from. Fun weekend, girl!

Barry said...

Ur a slacker? don't think so...

Mpls_red said...

There really ought to be a show on PBS featuring you going around to different towns in the upper midwest helping people solve landscaping and storage issues. The best part is you help them scavanger items to solve their issues from useless stuff in their neighborhood. I think it would be an instant smash hit. Dont quit your day job though, it will be on PBS so you have to work from scale.

BUD - Nokomis is Hiawathas grandmother in the poem, "The Song of Hiawatha"

mysterygirl! said...

That's wonderful-- you were more productive this weekend than I, quite possibly, have ever been. Your front walk looks great!

TheSugarV said...

Nice pictures. Man that round looks good. Wowo that post must have taken you a long time to write.

As always... Rachael said...

I'm glad you've been so busy... remember how I took the swank or skank challenge... well, I've been motivated ever since then, rocking and rolling baout the house, making it perfect, so I can't even apologize for not blogging... and I can say that I will catch up, and post again when my hands aren't covered in soil (or paint, or spackle, or just "gook in general!)

Keep working, sister! At least you get to enjoy your labors... I have to sell my house! Stupid yucky profits! (My daughter was complaining "why you making it all perfect fr the "new people"?? She clearly doesn't understand that this is her path to braces and college!! And it's her only path... unless hse wants to strip for a living... and I'm not talking about stripping woodwork!)