Friday, August 19, 2005

Everone, meet Sir Edward. Ed belongs to my good friend Jessica and is an 8 month old Boston Terrier with a major addiction to humping anything and everything that exists, incuding, but not limited to poor, poor, Lola.

Last night Ed came over to play (or hump...I'm really not so sure of his doggie motives) with Lola and immediately upon his entry into the house took to humping her head. The humping then proceeded to the sofa, the kitchen, the deck, and consequently the back yard. It was like I was trapped in some sort of weird canine brothel and so was my dog.

Now, I'm trying to put myself in Lola's position and compare Edward to a person, someone like this guy.

And then I became horrified, not only for Lola, but myself as well. Can you imagine being chased around the yard by a guy that looked like that trying to hump you? It's TERRIFYING! Is this instance of doggie lust going to somehow emotionally scar my sweet Lola for life? Am I a bad dog parent? I feel terrible that I let this happen, and I even pointed and laughed at times...for shame.


i.marzipan said...

HA HA HA!!! The resemblance is uncanny.

x said...

Jenni~ That is so unbelievably rude to compare that little dog to Rodney Dangerfield! I mean, that dog is okay but Rod is HOT!

I think it's something about french bulldogs. There's one at the dog park that tries to hump my pugs head all the time too. Doc doesn't really seem to mind too much though so I let him get his gay on. (I totally call dibs on get your gay on ~ HA!)

neal gardner said...

bostons are great dogs, although they have waaaaaaayyy too much energy for their own good.

i had a boston named Biff. he was very nervous and jumpy. a friend of mine used to say that Biff grew up next to a dynamite factory.

slopmaster said...

That's hilarious. at least dog years are shorter, so lola will be out of her misery soon.

Blackhorse15-4eva said...

awwwe! bostons are so cute my dog kloee loves to play with bostons at the dog park cuz they never seem to run out of nrg!!-rodney dangerfield-LOL!