Monday, August 01, 2005

Another Check Mark on My Life's To Do List.

Been there.

Done that.


neal gardner said...


people always wish to see this, and you actually went. much respect.

was it a really big ball of twine?

mikey said...

you're not gonna post picture of the Corn Castle in SD, are you?

I've got tons of pictures in front of the World's Tallest Thermometer (it's on the way to Vegas). I think it's so tall so that people can see it without having to stop or slow down.

And there's an Alien store across the street. Complete with fake UFO in the parking lot.

neal gardner said...

the world's tallest thermometer was a bit of a letdown. i was expecting an old-school, red line type thing. the alien store was cool, though.

madman said...

you are so COOL! LOL--It looks more fun then paying $25.00 to pan for gold--I wonder who did that!

mikey said...

yeah, I was hoping it'd be a big tube full o' mercury, but I guess that'd be pretty dangerous... that whole "toxic" thing.

and it'd probably be pretty heavy. people always forget that mercury is a metal...

why am i putting so much thought into this?

Charlie Mc said...

i knew my life was meaningless, now I know why, i have never seen the twine ball...........:)

Jenni said...

Neal: I KNOW, doesn't it? It's HUGE! This town in western MN has built their whole lives around it. There's the "Twine Ball Antique Shop" and the "Twine Ball Diner" and the "Twine Ball Gas Station..."

Mikey: Hmmmm...the Corn Palace. My next destination.
A couple of weeks ago I visited the Spam museum...and much to my surprise it's quite the nice place. It's relatively brand new, I guess they spend a couple million on it!
The Worlds Largest Thermometer...?I think I've seen it in movies!

Madman: Panning for gold is for sissys...Twine Ball is where it's at!

Charlie: I know, Meaning of Life=Twine Ball. ;)

i.marzipan said...

Here is one of my favorite websites, devoted to things like twine balls and giant thermometers:


John S. said...

A place devoted to all things twine? Sign me up!