Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Jenni's Brush With Death Part V With *Bonus Brush With Death Glossary!

Welcome to yet another edition of "Jenni's Brush With Death." To be perfectly honest with you I had to actually look back to see which number I was on...These brushes with deaths seem to happen a little too often.

Anyway, yesterday while curling my hair I almost bought the farm. For those of you who know me you're probably asking yourself, "Why does she curl her hair? She has naturally curly hair." And my answer to that is, if you have naturally curly hair you always want your hair to be a different kind of curly. My hair, is curly in the cross between Diana Ross on jerry curl and Erwin Fletcher kind of curly, so I run a curling iron through it to give it saucy waves.

I digress...Anyway where was I? Oh, I was standing in the bathroom when all of a sudden this large spark leaped through the air and landed in the sink causing me to screech and jump back. I looked around and the cord was brushing the sink which was a little wet, I thought maybe that was what caused the spark so I moved the cord and resumed curling my hair.

About 3 minutes later I had the iron in my hair when "BOOM!" This enormous fireball soared across the room. I simultaneously dropped and unplugged the iron from the wall and looked to where it landed as it was still smoldering below the sink. I decided that my hair had enough saucy waves and inspected the iron and much to my shock, this is what I found...

Take note of the exposed wires pouring out of the protective casing which I have to say is no longer protective, but more of a death trap. Yup, time to throw away the trusty iron and purchase a new one. Here's to cheating death yet one more time.

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The Muse said...

Um, Jenni, did you survive some Final Destination-esque death trap in the beginning, and these are just Death's ways of getting back to you? Damn, girl!

BlackJack said...

"And my answer to that is, if you have naturally curly hair you always want your hair to be a different kind of curly."

I've found over the years that no matter what a woman's hair is like naturally, they (almost) always want it to be different. If it's straight, they want it curly. If it's curly, they want it straight. If it's brunette, they want it blonde. Etc, etc.

Me? I just want some. damnit.

Also, generally speaking - if you're using any sort of electrical device and it emits a ginormous* spark - it's best to turn off, unplug and discontinue use of said electrical device. Especially something like a curling iron/hair dryer/hair straightener/etc because:

1. You are using it right next to your head and
2. They draw a lot of current and are very likely to cause extra crispy Jenni.

*yes that is a technical term

Paul G said...

"extra crispy Jenni"??!?

Kinda has a cute ring to it...

Doug said...

This sounds more scary than any of the crap that went on in the latest Final Destination movie.

Sandra said...

Part 1 needs to be changed to (aka, The First of Many Many Days I Almost Died.)

Jenni said...

Muse: Death doesn't realize who he's dealing with. It's SO on.

Blackjack: "Extra-crispy Jenni?" Too bad The Colonel is dead, I think you're on to something here.

Paul: It is catchy, but not as catchy as "Still alive and in one piece Jenni."

Doug: Yeah, I know...sometimes my life is too good to be true.

Sandra: Or, Today is the first day of the rest of my days I will almost die.

Anonymous said...


Please note:

Avoiding danger of shock
It is strongly recommended that people and Jen should not work on exposed live conductors if at all possible.


Your curling iron also looks like a torture device.

luv u


Steph said...

I'm slightly more worried about the shadow in the picture that looks suspiciously like a four-inch nail. Were you hanging something from that?
Exposed electrical wire...water...metal.
Hmmnn...Did you skip that class? ;)