Thursday, October 20, 2005

Jenni's Brush With Death; Part IV Unplugged

They always seem to happen so fast, my brushes with death. Until last night, as I tripped over one of Lola’s toys and I found myself falling endlessly into my target, right arm protecting my face as it broke my fall against the glass part of the door, all in slow-motion. It wasn’t until I actually hit the glass that time caught up with me and I was there, in the relative present surrounded by glass and bleeding from my hand.

“Holy Shit!” I said aloud as I assessed the damages, and as Lola scampered to the safety of the living room. “You have GOT to be kidding me!” I said with a crazed sense of being, after all, my “Brush With Death Part III” was only yesterday, and “Part II” was only a couple months ago.

So I did what any sane person at the time, surrounded by glass wouldn’t do…I stepped over the glass, grabbed Lola and took her for a walk. It was there, in the outdoors I could gain back my sanity, assess the damages, and devise a plan to repair the broken door. After, of course I call Danika to tell her of my “Brush with Death.” Because what are friends for, if not to help gather your sanity and put things into perspective when you need perspective the most? Oh, yeah, and offer to buy you a sweet padded room and padded suit when they win the lottery!

P.S. If you can't tell, there is a huge hole in the window in the picture above. Thankfully, Josh was able to replace the glass when he got home because that's what guys do....they fix shit when I break it.


Sandra said...

Dang, Jenni I'm starting to worry about you!!!!!!! Remember when Mike Meyers used to play that little hypoglycemic boy on SNL who had to wear a helmet everywhere? I'm getting you a helmet for Christmas.

BlackJack said...

Holy Crap!

Be more careful!!


btw, I've experienced the slow motion thing, it sucks because you're slowed down too and as such can't do anything about it. Mine was in a car crash where I slammed on the brakes and knew that I just wasn't going to stop in time. Thankfully no one was hurt.

As for the cut on your hand, I highly recommend vitamin E to help prevent scarring.

i.marzipan said...

Sandra, that's hilarious! Was that the one where they chained him to the jungle gym so he wouldn't hurt himself? We should chain Jenni to the couch for the next week. It's for her own good.

And Josh? I am wholly impressed that you were able to fix the window that night.

Sandra said...

If Jenni has one more brush with death, DIBS I get to take a pic of her in a helmet, tied to the jungle gym at Keewaydin Elementary.

Jenni said...

Woah, hold on there sisters...I seem to remember a certain someone who fell down her stairs on multiple occasions on ONE WEEKEND, and a certain other someone who most recently flooded the first floor of her home from leaving the bathtub running...Ahem. ;)

LoreliaGilmore said...

oh my god. that stuff happens in 3's you're all good now

Sandra said...

D, you didn't tell me about the falling down stairs incidents???