Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Haiku Tuesday! Holiday Edition

It's that time of year
Dressing your animal weird
Here I come, dog hell.

Poor, poor, Lola...is SUCH a good girl for all my twisted doggie costumes.

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TheIdleReceptionist said...

OOOOOhhhhKAAAYyyyyy that's the cutest doggie costume ever! And cute dog, too!

Sandra said...

Call Tyra, that Lola knows how to work the camera!!!!!!!!!

Paul G said...

Nice Lola!!

here's a lola haiku:

Lola is so cute!
I'll bet she is allowed to
pick her own costumes.

Kyrst said...

Lola is adorable!! Nevermind the vicious thoughts going through the poor doggie mind of Lola! I love it!

i am BIG bob DICKens said...
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Jenni said...

The idle receptionist: Awww, THANKS!
Sandra: Oh, yeah...and she knows it too!
Paul: Sweet! Thanks!
Kyrst: I know...and I'm so lucky she still loves me...

For those of you who were unfortunate enough to read the comment left by some sick jackass with a picture of his weiner on his blog, I apologize. I assume this guy has nothing better to do with his time than to leave lewd comments on a post about my dog. And if I could say one thing to this idiot with obviously no tact I would say this "Dude, wait until I post about huge black weiners before leaving a comment like that. GOSH!"

Jo said...

I'm betting Lola doesn't mind being dressed up like that. She looks like she's loving it!

bigus dickus said...
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