Friday, September 16, 2005

Jenni's Liver Saving Wager...Vote on the poll to your right!

So, I’m giving my liver a two-week vacation. And, no you didn’t read that wrong, I ‘m giving my liver a two-week vacation, which means no booze, no caffeine, no preservatives, no nothing. No bread (which I can’t have anyway due to a wheat allergy), no starches, no sugar. I’ve been on this diet called “The Fat Flush” plan since Monday and I think I’ve already dropped like 10 lbs…seriously. The whole premise behind this diet is to cleanse you liver which is the most important fat burning organ in your body. I eat fruits, vegetables, and 8 oz of lean meat daily, which usually includes fish and organic free-range chicken. I feel great and can really feel a difference. But there’s one problem….

I’m hosting a bachelorette party at my house tomorrow. That’s right, there will be temptation in the booze form and I will do my damdest to stay on the right track. All week I have been preparing for this weekend, giving myself pep talks, gathering my soda water and limes to drink to make it seem as though I’m drinking. And I really want to do this, not only for myself, but also for my liver that has been totally abused for way too long. And in order to keep me motivated I want someone to bet me…bet me that I can’t stay off the sauce and that I will have a drink. Come on…do it! I NEVER loose a bet and all I need is one person to put out a bet…lay it on the table and let it ride. And then you all can place wagers on my will power. Oh, and vote on the poll to your right. Do it now…do it.


Anonymous said...

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Sandra said...

1/2 orange juice and 1/2 soda on ice looks like a screwdriver but tastes exactly like an Orangina, maybe that will help? Good luck to your liver, hope it wins the bet.

LoreliaGilmore said...

dude jenni we have a whole lot in common. i need the whole negative reinforcement thing too. that shit drives me. i was just thinking about doing this colon flush (eeew) diet. after last night i think i need the liver depickle diet!

AntToeKnee said...

Would it help if pointed you towards good scientific evidence that the liver needs to bathed in alchol? Christ, I just needed to hear that sentence and I was convinced. OOOhh look, it's nearly Pimms-o-clock!

Rob Lowe said...

You'll never make it through the temptation of a bachelorette party, bitch!!!! (how was that?)

And you know what, one glass of champagne to toast a friend taking a plunge will not kill you or your diet.

BlackJack said...

What these people can't read?

I'll step up to the plate Jenni. I bet you $1 that you can not make it through the party without drinking any alcohol.

As an added bonus, I'll have you know that I'm on an unprecedented 10 year losing streak when betting $1 on anything.

Dave T said...

Living in Vegas, I can legally take your bet. If I lose I will buy you a drink! If you lose you can buy me one.

x said...

alright Jenni~ I'll bet a buck too and I have paypal so when you have your drinks, and you will, you'd better be ready to pay me. I'm gonna take your dollar and put it towards that liver cleaner book and get my own nice sparkly liver!

Jenni said...

Sandra: Can't have orange juice...no sugar. But I guess I could have freshly squeezed O.J...nah, too much work. Soda water it is!
Lorelia: O.K. I bet you can't drink that bottle of wine in 5 minutes...do it...do it... ;)
Anttoknee: First of all, interesting name. That did not help my cause, and you almost convinced me...nice try!
Rob: Said with conviction, GREAT JOB! And I'll have to toast with water...I'm not breaking this one.
Blackjack: Game on! Thanks man, and long live your losing streak!
Dave: Deal.
Libby: It's on sister...prepare to loose!