Saturday, September 17, 2005

Jenni's Liver Saving Wager Part II


Last night I spent the evening with Josh, Danika, her mom, and her Uncle Daniel who is visiting from Germany. We went to the Bryant Lake Bowl which was recently visited by our very own Josh Hartnett and his gal pal Scarlett Johansson...and guess what? Not. One. Drink. That's right folks, Libby, Blackjack, be prepared to fork over that dollar, so when I make it through the weekend not only will I have a sparkly clean liver, but I will be $2 richer.

Game on.

By the way, if you notice the blog pole to your right, the votes are neck and neck...if you haven't voted already vote now!! Do it...really...now.


x said...

I'm not afraid.

BlackJack said...

I'm afraid that my streak is over. I fear change.

Jenni said...

Sorry Libby, and blackjack...I hate to say it...but I won!!
No drinks for me! I'm waiting to post about it until I get my pics back...that's right, I kept myself busy all night being ace photog, and one of two sober cab since we decided to drive downtown Mpls instead of taking the light rail from my house. Remember...I NEVER loose a bet!