Tuesday, September 06, 2005

101 Things you may not know

I was thinking about how I work with so many different people on a daily basis and how none of them really knows me, you know? And not like they have to know me, but I thought it's interesting how we go through life with people without really knowing them. So, I decided to challenge myself and create a list, a list of things the average person I speak with on a daily basis may not know about me...so here goes.

1). I wish on stars
2). I daydream…often.
3). I’m a grocery store snob, and would rather shop at a Co-op.
4). I buy organic and insist on buying locally.
5). My favorite fruit is mango.
6). Sometimes I drink too much.
7). I believe my father is the best person. Ever.
8). I have 4 nieces, 4 nephews, and one great nephew.
9). I was a mistake, but my parents insist I was a pleasant surprise, my siblings say “after thought.”
10). I believe anyone who maliciously harms an animal should be drug out into the street and shot. Seriously.
11). No matter how thin I am I think I’m fat.
12). I taught my dad how to read after his second stroke.
13). I am proud of myself and where I am in my life.
14). My mom thinks I am psychic and can speak to those who have passed through my dreams. I hate to believe her, but I think she’s right.
15). I prefer old homes rather than new homes.
16). I don’t know if I want to have children
17). I’m not money motivated, yet I am in sales…this is an oxymoron.
18). I enjoy making people laugh.
19). I make it a point to make people smile.
20). I am extra nice to clerks and people in the service industry, even when I’m having a bad day.
21). I look people in the eye when I say “Thank You.”
22). People don’t intimidate me.
23). When there’s a bug or insect in the house I don’t kill it, I trap it and let it go outside.
24). I wish I went to church more often.
25). I don’t have any grandparents left.
26). My grandma’s been gone almost two years and I still cry sometimes because I really miss her.
27). I always check under my bed and in my closet before I go to sleep.
28). I lost a friend and one friend paralyzed; both by guns.
29). I hate guns.
30). I once rescued an injured duck from the side of the road and took it to a rehabilitation center.
31). I did the same for a baby bird.
32). When I was little I didn’t want to be a teacher, a nurse, or a mommy…I wanted to be a stockbroker.
33). Sometimes I don’t want to wake up when I’m dreaming.
34). I am extremely stubborn.
35). I truly believe I have the cutest dog in the world.
36). I still love Poison.
37). Sushi…Mmmmmm…
38). I told everyone in college that I majored in Journalism because I wanted to be an MTV V.J.
39). I didn’t really want to be a V.J.
40). My eyes fill with tears when I hear the National Anthem.
41). I don’t give a rats ass what Paris Hilton wore to the VMA’s.
42). I voted for George Bush for his first term.
43). I regretted that and voted for Kerry.
44). I started a food fight in fifth grade, and didn’t get caught.
45). I once ripped the streamers out of my neighbor’s big wheel because I wanted one too.
46). I used to send my friends home when Sesame Street came on.
47). I enjoy solitude.
48). My imaginary friends as a young child were the Hager Brothers from “Hee Haw.”
49). I have a fear of flying, but not a fear of heights.
50). I can play the piano by ear.
51). I strongly believe life is what you make it no matter what your situation.
52). I am more apt to please others over myself.
53). I want to break that habit.
54). I like to argue, and always make a point when I do.
55). I once argued my way into to-go cups for a pitcher of beer and won.
56). I’m a fish out of water, I love to swim.
57). I am a textbook Pisces.
58). I not so secretly love Chevy Chase.
59). I know every line in National Lampoons Vacation by heart.
60). I sing the Wally World National Anthem whenever I embark on a road trip.
61). Every time I walk on a sidewalk I still avoid the cracks for fear of hurting my moms back.
62). I am superstitious
63). I love thunderstorms at night.
64). I eat a gluten free diet because I am allergic to flour.
65). I used to be a Vegetarian until I discovered free- range organic chicken.
66). I believe supporting farmers who do things right is a good thing.
67). I still don’t eat beef, or pork, or beork…, which would be Spam.
68). Every time I see a cattle truck off to slaughter my eyes well up with tears, especially if I see the cows eyes.
69). I can’t say the word “balls” without smiling.
70). I am often told I have an infectious laugh.
71). I can’t stand arrogant, self-centered people.
72). I like to garden and plant flowers.
73). I have a green thumb and I sometimes talk to my houseplants.
74). I also talk to my dog, and believe she understands every word.
75). I want to go back to school for my Masters, most probably in Journalism.
76). I want to be the next Katie Couric, only better.
77). I’m dependent on my cell phone.
78). I have an addictive personality.
79). I want everyone to “like” me.
80). I don’t have any enemies.
81). I made almost all the curtains in my home.
82). I like to sew.
83). I love to decorate.
84). I want to be in business for myself.
85). Both of my brothers are successful entrepreneurs.
86). I envy them.
87). I hate white frosting, Twinkies, and Ho-Ho’s, they make my mouth itch.
88). I spent two weeks in Tokyo, Japan visiting my sister and her family and loved every minute of it.
89). I want to go back again.
90). I want to travel more, and often.
91). I want to take better care of myself.
92). I wanted to play the violin, but my mom made me play the clarinet, and I purposely failed 8th grade band because of it.
93). Did I mention I am extremely stubborn?
94). I hate being told what to do, or how to do things “better.”
95). Don’t make a bet with me, unless you want to loose ;)
96). I have naturally curly hair.
97). I hate to straighten it, but I like it that way too.
98). I believe our souls live many lives which clashes with how I was raised, but maybe both views are right, just historically absent from one another.
99). Each one of us has a purpose; I hope mine is to make people think, and then smile.
100). I am extremely disorganized.
101). I hate lists.


slopmaster said...

I usually make people smile, then think.

Good list, I couldn't finish it though. A study says people remember things in groups of 6-8. This is way longer. I like you girl's blog though.

LoreliaGilmore said...

i am not trying to be confrontational ( i swear) just out of my own curiosity i ask you this....

You describe your self as an animal lover.
Yet you eat chicken...free range and organic.

Why is this any different to you?

What makes it more acceptable?

i am an animal lover vegetarian. that is why i am a vegetarian. Second came the health reasons (factory farming). But I know many people like you and it confuses me. Again i am not being a preacher or confrontational i am just curios

Jenni said...

Lorelia: Good point. I am an animal lover, to an extent...it's taken me 5 years to again eat chicken, mostly because my Dr. said I need more protien, also because I believe in the way organic farmers do things. I love cats, I love dogs, horses, birds, etc...However, my car has leather interior and my handbags are leather, which doesn't mean I don't love animals, it's just the way things are.
I'm also not out preaching about it nor do I claim to have a cause. I donate money to animal shelters and have a general concern, but I am not balls-to-the-wall with any of it. I don't feel that I should have to back up or explain any of my decisions...it's just the way I feel.
I chose to eat chicken again, organically because I would rather support those farmers that actually do it the right way, than support any other.

Does that make any sense?

LoreliaGilmore said...

I got ya. you make a good point. i always call myself a lipstick vegetarian. I have a fantastic new leather bag i got today.
did you eat the frog off your car?

x said...

that was fun!
I think I know you a little better. In fact, we may have been free-range chicken journalist bloggers in past life together! I knew you seemed familiar!

Sandra said...

After 15 years as a strict vegetarian I realized I wasn't educating anyone, I was just making them feel uncomfortable. I too started eating chicken about a year ago, and now I find more interesting conversations can be had about all sorts of kindness-to-animal issues. I'd rather be able to provoke thought that way than to be so extreme that no one wants to talk about it with me.

Jenni do you know how lucky you are to have naturally curly hair! I'm so jealous :-)

madison's favorite son said...

57). I am a textbook Pisces.

i.marzipan said...

102). My friend Danika thinks I'm awesome and is so glad to have me as a friend

Jenni said...

Libby: Thanks! Yes, we must have been, you seen familiar too!

Sandra: I agree with the whole persuasion thing, I've never imposed my beliefs on people, and I expect them to do the same...unless they believe in buying me a martini, then I'll listen :)

Madison: Would you have preferred "Garden Variety?"

Danika: Awwwww (sniff sniff) Ditto!

Me said...

nice hilarious post....keep it up...

Claven said...

I really don't mean this in a bad way, but that sounded like a Playmate's 101 things list.