Thursday, March 09, 2006

Random Thoughts

A few days ago I saw a blind guy walking down the street smoking a cigarette. I immediately thought, "Wait! How is he supposed to read the Surgeon Generals Warning on the side of the box if he can't SEE?" Then I realized that he still has ears, but STILL I think I'm going to write Phillip Morris.

We leave for Puerto Vallarta in TWO DAYS, and I've been on a frantic search for a couple skirts to wear over my swimsuits for events such as going to the bar, playing beach volleyball, going to the bar, eating lunch, going to the bar...etc...and until yesterday I was having NO luck at all. I'd been to Nordstrom, Bloomingdales,Macy's, Marshall Fields, Target, Saks, JCREW, Banana Republic, The Limited, Anthropologie, and I found NOTHING. I decided I was going to try TJ Maxx, wait, actually, I had to talk myself into going there. You see, I'm not much of a clothes scavenger which I believe is what you have to be to go there and shop. I don't have the patience, nor the attention span to sort through the rows of racks to find something that I may actually consider wearing. So, when I dragged myself out of the car to go in I gave myself 20 minutes to scan the store in hopes of hitting the jackpot. No luck. I walked in the door and immediately saw a woman with a cart full of fluorescent. Her hair was backcombed in a way that made her look like she just walked through a wind tunnel and she was holding up a gold shirt with little round shiny dots stitched all around it like the friggin ball in Times Square on New Years Eve. I took one look at her, turned around and walked out the door. That was my 30 second stay at TJ Maxx.

The next day I found myself in the mall, staring at the outside of Hollister. For those of you who have never been there, it's kind of like Abercrombie & Fitch. It reaks of 18-year old male hormone and the music is loud enough to be heard across the street. Of the mall. So, I walked by, turned around, and walked by again. I did this two more times until I stopped in front of the door, held my breath and charged in. I was immediately greeted by a boy, not a day over 15 years old, I smiled and still holding my breath I walked to the back of the store where I saw a few skirts. Much to my chagrin, I was pleasantly surprised, it is there I found my skirt. Both white, blueish grey and brown. I looked the brown one over and I immediately heard, in the back of my mind, the lady at JCREW say in an overly-excited voice"....But BROWN is the NEW BLACK!" I set the brown one down and settled on the white one. I couldn't bring myself to get the brown one simply because of that annoying lady at JCREW. Needless to say, I'm over it and will be back today to get the brown one.

So, I think I'm ready. I have all the cute and charming outfits I need to spend five days drunk on the beach in Mexico...Ahhhh....Vacations.


Momentary Academic said...

That skirt is perfect for your holiday! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures.

heather k said...

Hollister is THE spot. I bought Kaylyn some clothes there for Xmas and she was thrilled.

Have to admit I shop Marshall's, which proves over and over to be the same experience you described. I usually get disgusted and leave the store when other patrons push past me in the 2 foot wide aisle. ERGH.

Steph said...

I LOVE that skirt!!!

I suck, Jen. Can't believe I'm missing it. I'm so bummed, you have no idea!
Do me a favor...wear that cutie pie skirt up to the palapas bar (there's ALWAYS a palapas bar!), order a double shot of tequila from a bare-chested man named Enrique and toast to your flaky friend Steph who's still at home and missing the time of her life in Mexico. Then throw it back like you own it, baby!!!

Happy Birthday! :)

mysterygirl! said...

Cute! That will be perfect for your trip.

Have a wonderful time!

Glibbidy said...

Enjoy! Mexico is a really fun place to visit.

As always... Rachael said...

That's a cute skirt... I'd get one in every color... and an extra white one to tie-dye!

BlackJack said...

That is a cute skirt I gotta say.

I've never been in a Hollister before, but I've run into the same problem with Abercrombie & Fitch. You walk in and it's like being in a dance club. Only louder, more crowded, and no friggin drinks.