Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Why I love my job.

The following is an excerpt from and actual conversation I recently had with a client.

M(Me): (Picking up cell phone) Hello?
C(Client): Is Pedro there?
M: What can I do for you **Bob?
C: I need 4.79% for 72 months.
M: No
C: Why not?
M: I can’t give you 4.79% for extended term we talked about this.
C: Come on…PLEASE?
M: What’s the last thing I said to you yesterday before I walked out of your office?
C: And if you try and touch my ass one more time I’m going to punch you in the stomach?
M: (Pause) Ok, what’s the second to the last thing I said to you yesterday before I walked out of your office?
C: No 4.79% for extended term?
M: That’s right. (Click)

And that’s why I love my job.

** Names have been changed to protect the oh so valiant and spotless integrity of my clients.


Steph said...

Oh my God - that's hysterical!!!
I must admit I've used the fact that I'm female to my advantage. Just today I hit a dealer with a $1700 doc fee, but before I did, I made sure to suggest enough to distract him. You know he said yes because he was already picturing me naked! Of course he did it. Dogs!!

i.marzipan said...

You are SO naughty!!

heather k said...

Yeah, I don't miss the constant sexual harassment, whiny dealers and drama of the car business.

I don't know how you still do it Jen! You're hard core;)

Champ - Love Hound said...

Lucky Clients. LOL!

God bless you....

Sandra said...

I would love to work with car dealers. You do have a cool job.

Momentary Academic said...

Wow. Your work life is like a sitcom.

x said...

HA! Sounds like fun!