Sunday, October 09, 2005

Fun with Google.

I was over visiting Alie's site when I came across this little google experiment that will be sure give you a quick laugh.

Do this:

Go to Google.

Type in "(your name) needs." (Remember to use quotes)

And look at all the things that Google says you need!

Here are the top 6 thing that Google says I need;

1).Jennifer needs a cold shower. This is surprisingly true.

2).Jennifer needs a tutor who can help a client with their Probability Exam in the Somerville area. Yeah, the probability that I would ever even take a Probability Exam is slim to none, but thanks anyway.

3).Jennifer needs to better understand Trump's business and how she can contribute. Trump needs to understand his hair and how he can remedy that sad piece of dead animal carcass on the top of his rich ass head.

4).Jennifer needs to know your new address to re-subscribe you to WAGSnet with your new email address. Jennifer has no clue what WAGSnet is and would most probably make fun of it if she knew what it was.

5).Jennifer needs to say away from HOPE, Hope must have caught what Bo has, because she believes the zombie eyed loser over Jack. It's sad that I know exactly what this means, which directly correlates with "Jennifer needs to stop being pathetic and quit keeping up on her Days of Our Lives gossip." Truly sad.

6).Jennifer needs help. We know that. You know what? That I need HELP? You don't know jack shit, and even if you did you're a frickin search engine, search engines don't KNOW people....(stop incredulously fanatical rant and look around the room...realize silently to myself that maybe Google was right all along.)

What do You need?


BlackJack said...

Excellent game Jenni!

Interestingly enough, I live in Somerville. But I don't need help with probability exams either. I did my own 'Jack needs' post, thanks for the idea!

Aliecat said...

Alie needs a cold shower too...it's going around I believe!

Momentarily_Distracted said...

I did a 'joyce needs' inquiry and all I got was james joyce research papers.
Go figure. :o)

zagood said...

Zachary Needs Favor! and some basic grammar skills.