Friday, November 09, 2007

Real Complicated

Real Simple and I have issues.

When it was brand new I was most probably one if it's first subscribers, that was before it was five-thousand pages and didn't fit into my mailbox anymore. Now my mother-in-law renews my subscription every year.

In fact just the other day Josh was going through our "magazine bin" and after picking up the 20 lb magazine (with both hands) he said, why don't you cancel your subscription to this...It's WAY too big and has gotten out of control. I told him that I completely agree and that his mother is the one perpetuating the madness.

His response?

"Tell her to stop."

And he said it in the tone like she was just caught beating a puppy with the latest issue.

Honestly, I thought the magazine was great when it was new and fresh, now I don't know how many times I need to be reminded when to change out my toothbrush, or how many "Aha" uses a paperclip can have.

I'm done with you Real Simple.


Momentary Academic said...

That's funny because I was wondering if that would be a good magazine to subscribe to...

You saved the day, Jenni!

Jenni said...

M.A., if you want a good magazine to subscribe to, subscribe to Domino.

LOVE it...

Grad School Reject said...

How many "Aha" uses are there for a paperclip? I came up with:
1) Clip Paper
2) Pick a lock in a 1940's movie

And then I ran out.

Sandra said...

Well see, here's why I need to keep getting this mag. I have no freaking clue when to change my toothbrush and I only know about the clipping papers together aspect of paper clips, GAH! What else can a paper clip do - walk the dog? Teach me French? I'm curious now!

It is a really heavy magazine, I don't think it's good 'light reading on the train' anymore, with ya on that.

Bud said...

Yeah, they should change it to Entirely Too Simple. Or Simply Unnecessary.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Yeah, who uses paper clips while listening to Take on Me by Ah-hah? I can't see how that would heighten the experience, but then again, I don't have my own magazine.

Momentary Academic said...

I already subscribe to Domino! WOOT!

Lisa said...

I bought the first issue when their big stance was "keeping things simple" and not having many ads and wasting paper, etc. Now it's turned into Vanity Fair with the amount of ad space compared to actual articles. It's real simple: I'm real done!

donna said...

Bought a subscription to Real Simple to help out my nephew w/ his school fundraiser. I agree, the products touted as 'simplifying' tend to be 'real' expensive. As I read in one online blog, quote: " but as part of its target market, (40 something woman) I am amazed at the expensive products it often promotes in the name of simplifying ($300 purses; $80 face creams), and I don’t trust that their product reccomendations are not driven by advertisers, as with any other mag."
amen, sister!