Monday, September 18, 2006

Upload Schmupload

So, I've been trying to upload a photo for a corresponding post since Friday and I am not having any luck.

Is anyone else having problems uploading photos or is it just me?

It would be typical if it were just me.

It's been about two weeks since my last post and I have no excuses.

Actually, I do.

I spent a long weekend in Laguna Beach, CA for a wedding.

Wasn't it BEAUTIFUL? I already miss the smell of the salt water.

OK, wait....I just downloaded THAT picture...Why can't I download the OTHER picture?

Anyway, on the Thursday night I was in Laguna, I went out with Stephand had such a great time, but I had the WORST hang over of my life the next day. I spent almost the whole day in a headache-laced stupor and I even had to exit the fun and festivities of the Groom's dinner early to collapse in my bed and fall asleep at 9:00 pm.

I know, LOSER!

But, the good news is that by the time of the wedding on Sunday I was back to my regular self as seen in the photo below with my mother-in-law and my brother-in-law's girlfriend, Erica.

Yeah, just SLIGHTLY loopy. Nuthin but class people, Nothing. But. Class.

Yesterday I went to the Metrodome and watched a great game between the Queens and the Panthers. 2 and 0 BABY! TWO AND ZERO!

Oh, and for all you Packer Fans out there...YOU GOT BEAT BY THE F'IN SAINTS....YOUR TEAM OFFICIALLY SUCKS ASS.

For those of who don't know where my frustration and animosity with the Green Bay Packers stems from...It stems from this.

Oh, and for all of my friends who were convinced that Dante was still the best quarter back since Joe Montana? YOU'RE WRONG BITCHES....HE STILL CAN'T HIT THE BROAD SIDE OF A BARN

Don't make me say "I told you so." Because I totally will.

I told you so.


Momentary Academic said...

You're so tan. Are you sure you're not from Laguna?

Barry said...

You and Steph together? I think that is just downright dangerous! Glad to see you are back to 'normal' well, normal for you.

A visit to your blog always seems to provide me with a nice break... from uh...here

treespotter said...

just a tip, keep a googlepage space to upload pics when it's failing here.

mysterygirl! said...

I like how your middle finger picture works so well for the second half of your post. As a Bears fan, I can't help but enjoy your assessment. :)

Glad you had fun in Laguna, even if there was a massive headache involved.

roonie said...

Living in California is the berries.

heather k said...

I've been giving THE Packer Fan in my office shit ALL DAY LONG. *evil giggle* And I too am so glad Daunte is history.

Love the photo - your mom-in-law is so COOL!! Love your dress too=)

Jonathan America said...

That photo was shocking.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I like it when old ladies give the finger. I'll cut them off in traffic just so they'll do it.

Neil said...

Is that unique finger formation you make in that photo some new surfer dude symbol they do at Laguna Beach?

Bud said...

That picture should be a poster for general animosity!

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Mystery and Jenni, keep hating on The Packers! This is coming from a Bear's fan who thinks a 2 and 14 season when you beat "the Pack" twice is a successful season.

Steph said...

Hey! I had a great time, too, and I think I may have qualified for the only person to be arrested for a DUI the next morning driving to work!
Love your "bird" picture; GREAT dress (!) - you must write about that story soon; and YES, Culpepper sucks ass, and is now officially on the 2nd to the worst team in the NFL (the Raiders being the absolute worst)!

flea said...


i luv it, you all look so, so, smokin!

mark said...

mad hot picture - had a great time at a friends wedding last week, but kept most pics offline, because a guy with a tie wrapped around his head is sad...

Tony said...

judging from the picture it looks like the guy rather would be playing golf...hence having a wedding at a golf course and then strolling down the number 11 par 4 fairway explaining the intricasies of freshly mown bermuda, correct tee placement based upon variably winds..."oh whats that honey? of course i'm happy to be here with you...nooo...me playing golf right now...where'd you get that idea?"

Heather B said...

You mother-in-law looks like one hip, hip lady!

Memphis Steve said...

Can I just say, love the photo! This is the sort of thing that shows up in a Google image search and winds up on someone else's blog without them ever knowing it came from you.