Friday, August 11, 2006

Random Salad (Alternate Title:"No Mo Toothpaste In My Carry-on."

Last night on the evening news the bulleted rundown that appeared on my televison screen before the first commercial break went something like this:

-Terror Threat Foiled
-Heightened Terror Alert
-Passengers Left Waiting
-Aniston/Vaughn Engaged?
-Man Shot in Northeast Minneapolis waiting for Bus.

Seriously? The state of Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn’s relationship is more important than the poor guy gunned down at the bus stop? Really? I mean, I know being shot in Northeast has become a regular occourance lately, but COME ON! I suppose the director also had to play with whether to put that or the terror thing on first, because I know not being able to fly with lipgloss or toothpaste in my carry-on should totally be second to a Hollywood engagement…but maybe that’s just me.

Also, while sitting in traffic I saw an interesting homemade license plate cover on a navy blue Dodge Durango that read : “Geo. W. Suck’s.”

Have I been using the comma wrong when it comes to the word “sucks” all these years? Should it REALLY be “suck’s” or “sucks?” I suppose it depends on how you use the word “sucks.” But really, even if you use it correctly it should still be “sucks” because if it’s not used correctly and you’re writing it and somehow all of a sudden you become concerned about the English Language and grammer? Well, you have issues.

Speaking of having issues ( like needing glasses or a new pair of contact lenses) one of my finance managers told me that I was “The most beautiful bank rep that comes into his dealership” which totally made my day because I THOUGHT I was having a bad hair day…turns out it wasn’t so bad after all.

I hope everyone has a great weekend…enjoy the summer while it’s still here to enjoy!


Aliecat said...

You are a beautiful lady, ya know...Carl Spackler always drools over you when you comment on my blog!

The Muse said...

Girl, don't sell yourself short on the beauty thing, really.

And as far as no toothpaste in my carry-on? (And lotion? And makeup?) I'm actually really sad about this. I have a habit of going to the bathroom before a flight lands (or the one in the terminal, since people can't meet us at the gate anymore), especially when I'm coming home and CB is picking me up at the airport, and washing my face, brushing my teeth and moisturzing and reapplying a little makeup. Damnit, I wanted to look presentable and impressively fresh-faced when I flew.

And meh on Jen & Vince. They suck's. ;)

Megan said...

Obviously Jen and Vince should be top priority over death and the end of lipgloss carrying. Really, this world would have no meaning without them.

*rolls eyes*

Out here in the Los Angeles area it's all just doom and gloom, with a brief moment at the end of something quirky. I'll take my doom and gloom with a side of quirky please!

Bud said...

How cool is it when a bad hair day becomes a hot mamma day? It doesn't suck at all does it?

Anonymous said...

Jen, you are the most beautiful bank rep but you are also the only female bank rep. However, you're still the prettiest. no offense Heather

heather k said...

None taken - I know she's hot;) But what happened to all the other female bank reps? Surely you're forgetting some...and that sucks'es.

Anonymous said...

it's an apostrophe not a comma.

Jenni said...

Aliecat: Any guy who drools over me and is named "Carl Spackler" is reason enough to be proud! ;)

Muse: Really? You completely wash you face and REAPPLY makeup when you land? That's dedication girl.

Megan: No kidding. It seems that we can't function without our celebrities. However, I think I could manage.

Bud: No, it really doesn't!

Anonymous: Really? Cuz I'm counting at least eight off the top of my head...hmmmmm...touche!

Heather: Yes Heather, apparantly they aren't doing their job if they can't be remembered. But I guess that's the old WFFA in us!

Anonymous: Whoops! You're right. Oh, well, either way it doesn't make sense.

Pete Bogs said...

when now-convicted Richard Hatch won the first Survivor series he shared the headline of the day with the Concorde crash in Paris... Hatch was actually on the left side of the page, which in this country gets read first... where are people's priorities?

As always... Rachael said...

You're as hot as Jenny McCarthy, without all the farting!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I think we've been using "sucks" right all along. That guy's grammar suck's, I mean sucks.

Momentary Academic said...

I'm sure that you are the most beautiful bank rep in all of Minnesota. Hello! Plus you write a blog! Who else can compete?

The Muse said...

Jen - Well, I don't wear a lot of makeup when I get on the plane in the first place. I have horribly dry skin that is only exacerbated by the recirculated air in the cabin. I generally only wear tinted moisturizer and mascara when I fly (unless, of course, I'm leaving from a work meeting or something), so when it comes to "freshen up," its just a little makeup remover for the mascara. A washcloth is all I need for the rest... (Yes, I'm kinda obsessive about skincare - its the one thing I was proud of even in my adolescent years!)

mysterygirl! said...

I would say that the rampant overuse of the apostrophe is one of my pet peeves.

And woohoo to the prettiest bank rep! ;)

Neil said...

I don't want to flatter you too much, but you really are the most beautiful blogger in the blogosphere that works as a bank rep and went into that finance manager's dealership.

Pete Bogs said...

will they allow like, freeze-dried astronaut toothpaste, or something?

Steph said...

Yeah, but even on your worst hair day, you're a hottie.
Can't wait to see you! :)

TheSugarV said...

Jenni I havent been round here in a while...thats it your going on my links list!

Big Ben said...

He sucks regardless of how you spell it.

Sandra said...

Some people just need to put down the apostrophes if they aren't trained in how to use them.

Barry said...

Maybe the plate without the apostrophe was taken - I dunno. It does make the owner look like a moron though - haha!!!

you didn't tell us - are all the other bank reps old fat guys? (sorry, I can't resist being smart alec about that :P )