Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Haiku Tuesday! *New!

It's Haiku Tuesday everone! Thanks to Libby we have something to look forward to every Tuesday...in the Haiku form! This weeks Haiku was actually written by Josh a couple of years ago in honor or Halloween, so I thought we'd start with that.

It's entitled: Halloween Haiku: By Josh.

October morning
A fresh breath of air to breathe
Candy is near me.

And for those of you who didn't come to our door last night for treats, this is what you missed...Josh in Damian's Stewy head handing out candy. It was quite a hit with the adults.


snowskatermn said...

what the deuce!
by god woman its stewie not stewy
I contain no beef
stewie rules!

Sandra said...

Half a dozen eggs
Symbol of new life and hope
Now thrown at my house

Not really of course... I love haiku.

x said...

Yay for us and you! Thanks for participating in the first Haiku Tu!

Sandra~ Join in! Every Tuesday is now Haiku Tu. Just leave a comment on my blog that day that you posted so when I get off my lazy butt I can link ya!

darianj said...

Yo...That is tooo funny!

Charlie Mc said...

looks like sugar v!!!!!

Aliecat said...

I can't write hikus
but I enjoy reading them
I'm a sucky poet.