Monday, March 14, 2005

The Top 10 Identifiers That I Am Getting Old.

10). Passing out at the ripe hour of 12:00 at our kick ass “Karaoke Extravaganza” Birthday party.

9). Being concerned that 80 jello shots held on the lap of passenger while driving to said party would constitute a citation for an “open container.”

8). The highlight of my day is when the Roto Rooter man came to clear a blockage in the main pipe so I could resume using the kitchen sink.

7). Actually knowing where to find the main pipe.

6). Having to run to the mall because I am out of my under eye wrinkle prevention cream.

5). Going through a whole bottle of under eye wrinkle prevention cream.

4). Discovering that my refrigerator is no longer solely occupied by liquor and condiments.

3). Spending 5 minutes in the morning searching for grey hairs and finding three.

2). Coloring my hair to cover up the grey instead of coloring my hair to cover up the dishwater blonde.

1). Obsessing over stupid identifiers and other lame reminders that I am no longer 18 (or 21, or soon to be 29 for that matter) instead of going to the bar to celebrate because I am, yet another year older. So if you’re looking to find me this Wednesday, March 16th go to a bar I’ll probably be there.


i.marzipan said...

Ahem... I hate to make you seem older, but... you were actually passed out at about 11:35.

Jenni said...

The 11th Identifier that I am getting old; Embellishing the time I actually passed out by 20 minutes in my favor.