Monday, March 28, 2005

It's A Good Thing We're Cute...

The following conversation occurred between my sister, myself, and my mother Easter Morning.

S(Sister)(to Me): Oohhh, I like your poncho, where did you get it?
M (Me): Orange County.
S: Orange County?
M: California
S: Ohhhh. (Pause) I wonder why they call it that?
M: Probably because they grow oranges there.
S: No! Poncho, why do they call it a poncho!
M: It's probably Spanish for "jacket without arms."
S: Or "jacket with neckhole and no arms".
M: (Pause).....or that.
Mom: (Looking up from her book) No, "Poncho" is named after "Poncho Gonzalez", the man with no arms.
M & S: Really?
Mom: (Looking back into her book) No.

I am blaming this on the inhalation of egg dye that we were exposed to the night before. I plan on writing the people at Paas to post a label reading "Could cause delayed brain function, do not attempt to communicate in any fasion, nor operate machinery and stuff."

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