Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It hasn't been long enough to forget my password!

But it has been long...

I have no excuse. Busy? Yes. Lazy? Yes. A life full of jet setting vacations, hob-nobbing with the rich and famous and drinking martinis by the gallons? Hardly.

A few things that have happened since my last post:


Kirby lasted with us less than four days. He tried to kill Lola on multiple occasions...This was a dog that would have even given Cesar a run for his money.

"But he's so cute, and innocent looking!" you say. Look, there's nothing cute and innocent about his jaws rapped around my dogs neck as I try to peel his angry snarling self off of her practically lifeless body. It was traumatic, it was horrible, and I cried for three of those four days.

He would literally walk circles around me in my living room and if Lola would even attempt to come close he would attack. I felt like I was being imprisoned, I felt like Julia Roberts in sleeping with the enemy. Only, he didn't really care about the bathroom towels or the cans in the cupboard....Oh, and I know how to swim...and I have better hair...

Anyway,I felt bad, but the people at the rescue assured me that it was O.K. to give him back and let them find a better home for him. The lady said that Lola is so submissive that it would take a dog to pretty much "kick is ass" to set him straight.

So, they put him in a foster home with three ass kickin dogs and it did nothing. He even kicked THEIR asses...Then went after the cat. When I called to check up on him, the foster organizer said that they decided to call him "Cujo."

Seriously though, he was a really sweet and good dog when there were no other animals around and they were able to find him a wonderful home with a wonderful family who adopted him.


So after Lola was able to psychologically heal, a couple of weeks went by and we were able to find the perfect pal for her and us. He's actually Lola's half brother. We made the trip to the same breeder...A wonderful woman with a huge farm with horses, and animals and a nice loving facility for the animals. Rolling hills and fields for them to run and play, they also board dogs for when you go on vacation. Her dogs all look so happy and I really feel good about going back and recommending her.

So, here is the little guy...

His name is Burton. Burt Squirt, Burton Bear...And he is just great. He and Lola sleep together, eat together, play together. He's teething right now and she even cleans his mouth for him and helps with his pain and suffering. It's so DAMN cute! They're best buds and we all couldn't be happier.

Oh, and he wears a tie for special occasions. Shut up. Would you expect anything less.

My dad

My dad is doing well. He still has dementia (obviously it's not going away),he still forgets who my husband is, and he still steals his wallet. Seriously. My dad has become a klepto since this whole dementia thing. And we laugh about it, mainly because we're a bunch of assholes, but also because it's pretty damn funny. A few months ago, my dad put on Josh's jacket, opened up the pocket, took his wallet out, opened it up, grabbed the bills out of it, and put them in his jeans pocket. All while we were all sitting in the living room.

It was as plain as day. I could have lit my ass on fire and hung it out the window of my speeding car, and I would still have been considerably more discreet.


I usually post a Top Ten List of the things I learned at the cabin over the Fourth of July Holiday. However, I didn't really learn anything new this year. Maybe it's because I'm getting older and I know that drinking a gallon of Margarita mix has never and will never be a good idea. Or maybe it's because I am no longer allowed near the bonfire with gasoline and matches, or maybe this was just an odd year. Anyway, it was still a blast, and I am still sun burnt.

But, it's always good to reminis.


m.a. said...


I'm so sorry to hear that Kirby didn't work out, but Burton is a DOLL. How sweet that you have two puppies.

Things on my end are okay.

Thanks for the catch up. I have been wondering about you. One of these days you have to bring your jet setting self to DC so that we can have dinner.

Grad School Reject said...

Man - I bet Burton could get away with anything if he lived with me and my wife. She would melt (read: I would melt too).

I am disappointed though that there are no new "Jenni almost died by firecracker" stories from the cabin. Not that I want you to die....you know what I mean.

Good to see you back.

Bud said...

Kirby is obviously meant to be an only child. Nice of you to give it a try. And so good to read you again. I was worried you dropped out for good. Glad you're only sun burnt and not gas burnt. That would suck so much more.

Jenni said...

M.A. I would love to go to DC and you'll be the first one I call when I do! Oh, and the invitation goes both ways too...If you're ever in Minneapolis. You know, there is the Republican National Convention here this year...We could hang out and point and laugh at them together!

GSR: Yes! He can...He is so damn cute. And I know what you mean, death by firecracker is probably one of the most humerous ways to go.

Bud: He is an only child...and that's what it takes to make him happy, which is good for him and me!

Kristen said...

Welcome back to the intranets. We've missed you! Danika needs to have a party so we can see each other again. Tell Josh "Special K".

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

1. If you told me that your dog DID care about how the towels and shit were arranged, then I'd be real worried.
2. That new dog looks like a perfect gentleman, tie and all.
3. SO SORRY about dad. My old man just came down with some real bad vertigo, and he can't open his eyes without throwing up. Here's wishing both our dads good health!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you online again=) Give me a call! I've reconnected with Gretchen (from from the Evil Empire that is Aramark).

Anonymous said...

Finally...after reading your blog and crushing on you for 2 months you stop by to say helloo :-) HMPF!
I love you!