Monday, February 04, 2008

Frozen, but still alive.

Despite rumors of an extended game of "One Handed Croquet", I am still here, and fortunately not lost somewhere in the woods of northern Wisconsin with my croquet mallet and a cocktail.

I've been frozen, snowed in, and just plain busy. Which is no excuse.

I have, however, been spending a bit more time here. Which means I have been spending more time in the kitchen which means I have been spending more time at the gym.

It's viscous circle.


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I like to think I brought you out of hiding, because I commented about that guy's disgusting penis picture a couple of hours ago.

How does your time in the bedroom factor into that cycle? I'm thinking that the more you work out, the better you feel about yourself, so the more you and the hubby bump fuzzies. No? I'm merely speculating . . .

Jenni said...


You did actually, so thanks for that!

I keep forgetting that people actually come here to read the nonsense that I write.

I've worked out regularly for years, so it's not that different, which if you ask hubby there could definitely be more time spent "bumping fuzzies."


Bud said...

I truly missed you. I think I should write a vegie song. Or at least an anti junk food song. Thanks for the inspiration.