Monday, July 16, 2007

Mad Skills

I realized something on Friday night while Danika, Sandra, Josh and I were at the Chatterbox in Minneapolis.

I have mad Pictionary skills.

Mad to the point that people were actually fighting to be my partner...O.K., well maybe not fighting, but you get the point. I'm THAT good at Pictionary.

Case in point. I will give you one hint at this truly ingenious picture that I drew of an "Action" after not only one, but THREE sangria's.

Hint: It's NOT a "chicken kiss", however if you did guess "chicken kiss" you get a bonus point for being highly creative in that you are aware that real chickens don't have lips, and that you genuinely believe that if they did, that same chicken would actually kiss you instead of try to peck out your eyeballs.


Danika said...

Your mad Pictionary Skillz BLEW my mind.

Sandra said...

Josh had some pretty mad skillz at drawing, too - I already forgot what this one was... it wasn't chicken-lip candle??

Momentary Academic said...

I wish I could draw. You rule, Jenni

Anonymous said...

I suck at Pictionary - don't ever pick me as your partner because you'll be sorry!

Nice chicken, BTW;)