Thursday, July 20, 2006

Consumerism: It’s got me by the balls.

Figuratively speaking of course, that’s if I had them…balls that is. I recently fell into Best Buy’s 0% financing for 18 months scheme, and used it to buy myself a nice 32 inch Samsung LCD HGTV. Now keep in mind, I tend to shy away from purchasing things with acronyms, and things that are electronic and have acronyms…MULTIPLE ACRYNOMS…well, they just scare the hell out of me.

I went in with good intentions to spend only $1600 on a television that would not only allow me to view my favorite programs in a new light, but also to help me save space. However, I left spending just over two grand on the tv and it’s “accessories” like a wall mount, high-definition “Monster Cable”, and four-year in home warranty (note: you can ALWAYS sell a salesperson).

Now you may ask, “Was it worth it?”


Not only can I see every blemish on my favorite nightly newscaster, but I saved myself a TON of space where my old television sat.

I’ll be the first to admit I was feeling a teeeennnyyy bit guilty as I was in my car waiting for the salesperson to bring it outside. I mean, I have ZERO credit card debt and like to pay for things in cash. Actually, the conversation between Josh and I went something like this:

Je(Jenni): Wow, Two-thousand dollars for a TV.
Jo(Josh): Yeah, wow.
Je: But I DID get 10% off the TV, and 20% off the cable, and the wall mount was only like $125.
Jo: Yeah.
Je: And the warranty is really a must have…I mean, you HAVE to have one with everything that can go wrong with the thing.
Jo: Yeah.
Je: And 0% for eighteen months! Shit! They’re practically GIVING it away!
Jo: (Pause) Totally.

That’s my reasoning…”They’re practically giving it away.”

Shut up. My reasoning is working, the television is mounted, the cables are buried behind the wall, and there’s no turning back.

Yup, got me by the balls….er….whatever, you know what I mean.


todd c said...

Jen, ahh, Jen hello? Sorry your first mistake was buying from Best Buy. Poor service even with a warranty. They won't come to the house and fix it you'll have to bring it in and if they don't lose it, they wont fix it (experienced Best Buy buyer).

Second, LCD will be non-existant in a few years and you'll have to buy a $300 HD adaptor just to watch TV. Sorry but it will happen before the 18 mo. 0% deal finishes.

Third, If Josh ever says "totally" during any buying process i.e. cars,homes,clothes,frozen pizza, etc. etc. don't buy it. Thats what Lanny and Ris tell me anyway.

PS enjoy the new TV :)

todd c said...

PSS Jen I started this new diet. I figure I can lose 50lbs just by watching infomercials selling exercise equipment however I'm skeptical because I may cheat and watch Roncos food dehydrater infomercial and the one that chops everything up and makes 16 dishes in 5 mins. Wish me luck

flea said...

what the heck does that other guy know THAT IS THE MOST FRICKING COOLEST T.V. EVER!!! i'm so jealous

i so would've been sucked in too

but it is really cool

and looks awsome

enjoy it girl you only live once

Neil said...

What is more important than a cool TV? Food? Housing? Nothing.

But you did get suckered into buying that overpriced Monster cable. So did I.

ducklet said...

wait, girls don't have balls? i thought they were just tucked inside.

no, no, i'm telling you, girls have balls. i've seen it. god, where are those photos i took on my trip to thailand...

Teri M. said...

Oooooo pretty!!!!!!!! (that's my quota of exclamation points and I used them all for your tv! oops there goes another one. Now I'm in the hole on my exclamation point quota.)
And, hello?? Love that room. Love the paint color and LOVE that light fixture. Love, with little hearts and exclamation points.

bigus dickus said...

todd c ... shut the fuck up! you dont know shit. your post make no sense. she got a monitor bitch! dont need no hd converter bullshit motha fucker. she got her some cable hd or some directtv hd she cool like that. she did blow cash on a cable but that's some scam everybody buying into for whatever the fuck reason. get yo self a 15 cable at da newegg.com beyatch.

black dicks in white chicks porn be alright like dat on da hd tho no what i;m saying, yeah yeah.

now somebody suck my dick

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Jenni said...

Todd: Thanks for peeing on my parade! And eh, what's another $300? If you send me more deals I'll be able to afford it. ;)
Oh, and make sure you watch the infomercial for the "Gazelle" as you simultaneously watch the infomercial for the "Power Juicer...you do have picture in picture...right? If not, have no fear, you can park your shit in my living room cuz I DO! HA!

Flea: I agree, and you only have one life to watch George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon in HDTV!

Neil: Yeah, but the overpriced cable didn't work in my cable box...so I must have built-in screwd-proofing.

Ducky: I wouldn't doubt there once was a freak show that featured "Girls with balls," because if I had balls I would totally join the circus.

Teri: Thanks! The room color is Ralph Lauren "Hazel Woods" and I bought the light on Ebay...I have another in my front entryway. I love them too, they set off the most beautiful light at night, I use very low watt bulbs so it's nice and soothing. I think the guy still sells them...just type in star lamp in ebay search and they should pop up!

Bigus dickus: Dude, I'm all for free speech and everything but good GOD, did you have to unload every disgusting word on my comments...seriously...whore monger? What the hell is THAT? I feel like I need to go deep clean my brain. Thanks for that.
Oh, and this is a "Family Blog" so clean your shit up next time. Beeeyyyoootttcccchhhh.

todd c said...

Bigus dickus

I just wanted to say it was a good idea to use a midgets hand in your profile shot to make you really stand out.

And Jen you got some deals girl and lots more to follow. Stop in b4 the end of the month.

Momentary Academic said...

Again, Jenni-lady, you are my hero. What a fabulous TV. Enjoy all of your TV shows. I want full reports.

Sandra said...

Best Buy or not, I don't think anyone comes to the house to fix tvs anymore, do they?

Also think about how much money you saved by Josh mounting it on the wall, that costs like another $500 if you have someone come to install it.

mcBlogger said...

I can't see your posted picture, but way to go. If I could afford it, I'd totally do away with the 19" kazillion year old tv I have. Oh wait, I don't even have cable. Never mind, not much point! ha enjoy!

The Muse said...

Honey, don't worry, I luuuuurve that TV, too, and I would've totally gotten suckered in. My parents just bought pretty much the same thing, though their's is on a pretty stand since the corner mount didn't look right in their living room.
And with my first big bonus check from my company? I bought a new tv, too.... though not flat screen. If I want flat screen, I go to CB's house for his big screen, HDTV flat screen and watch me some football!

liberalbanana said...

Oh I am sooo jealous! My bf and I have talked about trading in (and by "trading in" I mean trying to sell to a frat house) his 60" gigantic ginormous monster of a "TV" (it's like a frickin' movie theater screen) for a flat screen... When I move in with him this winter, perhaps it'll finally happen!

Guess what? I don't have any credit card debt either! Go us!

gabsmash said...

"second, LCD will be non-existant in a few years and you'll have to buy a $300 HD adaptor just to watch TV."

uhhhh, why will she have to buy an adaptor when the TV is *already* in HD??! and who says LCD will be non-existent in a couple of years? pfft

jen, it's a great tv, enjoy it!! if you ever need any A/V advice..come to gabs (hidden talent)

Barry said...

Looks like a great TV. And wow is your house clean!

todd c said...

OK I concede to you Jen. You did write you bought an HGTV not an HDTV but I knew better. I was just jealous you called Matt for help and not me. Oh well my rouse failed. Stop in soon we have plenty of deals for you.

Jenni said...


HGTV!!!! Whoops. I totally meant HDTV.

I'm blonde. Forgive me.

Aliecat said...

I was confused on the HGTV thing too, but since I know nothing about electronics, I thought it was a new fangled type of reception...

djmetronome said...

I love those kinds of "i need to rationalize this purchase" purchases....

well done I say...

djmetronome said...

hgtv...not blonde, just into "design on a dime"/"extreme home"/"lawn makeover" type shows that Home & Garden Television offers...:-)

mysterygirl! said...

That's so awesome. Congrats on the new TV-- it's nice to spend a huge amount of money on yourself every once in awhile, and a TV is definitely a smarter way to do it than on, say, shoes. :)

Steph said...

Love that hanging lamp!
My favorite reasoning for a purchase is, "It's such a great deal, I can't afford NOT to!"

Barry said...

OK Jenni - dang girl about time for a new post:P also, a family blog? Come on! Caption Time wasn't all that 'family' :P You know I gotta pick ....

Stay safe!

Mpls_red said...

Really Jen, welcome to 2003! Keep trying, your getting closer to 2006.
Why did Josh mount the TV so high on the wall? My LCD is the Sharp Aquis and it has shitty viewing angels.
Congrats on the TV, cant call it a tube anymore, theres no tube in it.
Prime Rib @ Axles.

Tim P said...

Mike Pomeranz? are you serious? I think your missing the boat on Sven...
check out some pics at