Monday, February 28, 2005

Through Sickness and Health, Vasectomy and Fertility

For those of you who do not know what a vasectomy is, it’s kind of like the human version of neutering. It’s where the doctor goes in and severs the vas deferens in the testicles and ties them at the end so afterward the Mr. is left “shooting blanks.”
Anyway, a good friend of mines’ husband went to get this done and the best part about it is that the doctor actually let her cut one of the vas deferens. Now, what is running through my head as she is telling me this is seeing her holding a gigantic pair of scissors,(with both hands) striking a pose for the camera with a large grin on her face. Kind of like when celebrities or important city people cut the big ribbon when they are about to open a business. Sharing the same sense of humor as I, I am sure that she was thinking the exact same thing.
Apparently when her husband caught wind of this (and being slightly sedated on anesthesia) he decided to tell the doctor that she “farts like a barnyard animal” to try and dissuade the possibility of his wife coming near his testicles with a scissor. Now I can attest to this barnyard animal thing as I have been with her when she managed to clear the whole dartboard section of a bar a few years back. However, this did not put any sort of kibosh on the effort that was to become a lifetime of infertility for her husband, and I can imagine it just made her want to do it more. So in the end, he left unable to reproduce, and she left with the satisfaction that she had an important part in the whole thing. Isn’t that what true love is all about?

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Josh said...


Don't get any ideas, my vas deferens
are here to the end.

- J