Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Once again, I have been MIA for a while. Miss me?

Lots of stuff going on.

I got a promotion at work. That's pretty cool. It's kind of exciting that I can talk about it now, and really really cool to have the letters "V" and "P" right next to each other on my business cards. In true VP style, I just spent the last 2 hours making about 1,000 copies, collating, binding, three-hole-punching, etc. It is very glamorous, readers, being a high-powered marketing executive such as myself.

There is a giant blimp circling Minneapolis and no one knows why. I am obsessed with it. I hope to catch a glimpse of the blimp on my way home tonight.

(a glimpse of the blimp, a glimpse of the blimp, a glimpse of the blimp... say it five times fast. DO IT!)

My BFF is now my ex-BFF which is sad and painful especially as he is here in Minneapolis right now reminding me of how wonderful, caring, and thoughtful he is. Well - he's not here RIGHT NOW, he is in Florida riding roller coasters, but he was here last weekend and will be here again this weekend. It's a strange time... long distance relationships are grueling. Grueling and sad and painful, especially when you both have important and demanding jobs, somewhat limited funds, and very limited vacation time.

It's getting cold here and I'm sad, sad, sad about it. Summer is over! Boo hoo.

Wow. This is getting depressing. In happier news, my kitten is still cute although now that he is 5 months old and HUGE, he does not look so kittenish anymore. And he has taken up the habit of chomping on my thigh at 4am every night so he has now been banished from the bedroom... so he can trash my bathroom every night (the little scamp has figured out how to open drawers to get to the cotton balls, which are invariably ALL OVER THE HOUSE every morning). Here is a picture of Mickey in my plant. I have told him repeatedly to stay out of the plant and sprayed him with water, and moved the plant away from the wall - nothing works. Any hints? Think a little cayenne pepper sprinkled on the plant would do the trick? Or should I just let him play Mickey of the Jungle?


Aliecat said...

ohhh, He's super cute! My cats like to strew toilet paper all over the apartment...

BlackJack said...

That is terribly cute. If he's not eating the plant (or using it as a potty) why not let him play?

gabsmash said...

adorable. tooo bad it's not a huge mound of cat nip for a kitty trip!

Anonymous said...