Saturday, May 21, 2005

Airport stories

I have mixed feelings about airports... Ever since I was little and we were making yearly trips to Germany, I have associated airports with the sobbing and crying that happens every time I leave Germany and have to walk through security, leaving my beloved German family behind.

But airports are exciting too! They are the beginning of some of the greatest adventures, and if you're at the beginning of a trip you have something wonderful and exciting to look forward to.

I've been spending a lot of time at airports lately since I started dating the BBF. The amount of time I've been spending at airports is directly correlated with the amount of money I've been spending on airline tickets. So you can imagine my delight when, upon leaving London a few weeks ago, I was offered the chance to get bumped to the next day's flight. NWA was going to give me $1,000 in travel vouchers, put me up in a hotel, and pay for my meals. Not only was I going to get another 24 precious hours with my boyfriend but we would have $1,000 to spend on our long-distance romance, almost enough for two tickets! The attendant at the check-in desk assured me that I was on the top of the volunteer list, tagged my bags so they wouldn't put them on the plane, and told me to go to the gate where they would officially "bump" me from the flight. Ian and I said a quick, tearless goodbye and I bounced off towards my gate, thinking gleefully about that $1,000 travel voucher! We were the luckiest couple in the whole wide world!

And then I got to the gate and they informed me that they didn't need volunteers. Not only that, it was too late to head back and say a proper goodbye. I made a quick, tearful pay phone call to Ian and had to immediately board the plane.

I thought, oh well - it's a fluke and at least we tried. And I had to admit that it was better than sitting in the airport and crying for 2 hours. But I was so upset that NWA took away the 'real' goodbye I wanted to have.

Ian came to visit me a few weeks later... his plane took off about 9 minutes ago. And the SAME THING just happened to him at the airport in Minneapolis. Bastards!!

I miss him so much already that I can barely stand it.

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Jenni said...

Ohhhhhh!! D~ you're making me cry! He'll be back soon!

Miss_Vicki said...

I usually have the opposite thing happen - my first flight leaves late and I miss my connecting flight, and have to stay overnight in some gawd awful city!

Alastair said...

Niggaz With Attitude offered to "bump" you? Sounds like a death threat to me.