Thursday, March 31, 2005

Random postings

I leave for London tomorrow! The bbf has promised to replace all the lager in the fridge with chardonnay, fill his flat with flowers, and cover up the stale underpants smell with lavender sachets.

The stale underpants thing was a joke. I hope.


Can I talk about my cat for a minute? As Jen would say, "it's a good thing she's cute" because she's a little light in the brains department. First, she has a tendency to misjudge the height of things she's jumping onto so she ends up in a death-defying scramble to haul herself up on the couch/bed/coffee table and then (hilariously) crashes spectacularly to the ground. I thought cats were supposed to be graceful? Not this one. She crashes around my house like an elephant, quite a feat for a 9-pound creature.

Last Saturday when we had beautiful weather I let her go outside for the first time and tied her to a long rope. The rope was attached to her collar and not to a harness, which I would prefer. The reason for this is that when I put a harness on her, she crouches down and won't move except to crawl on the floor with her belly scraping on the ground. One day I figured I would force her to get used to it so I put the harness on and left for work. When I came home 9 hours later I found her crouched on the floor in the same position I left her in, looking desperate and freaked out. The second I took the harness off she took off like a bat out of hell for the litter box. Poor thing. So the harness was retired forever. Aaaanyway. I had her tied up outside and she was having a ball, sniffing around, laying in the dirt, eating grass, throwing up grass. But she would inevitably reach the end of the rope and feel it pull on her neck. At which point she would freeze and stand, slightly straining against the rope, until I went outside and moved her to a place where the rope wouldn't pull.

See, she didn't understand that she simply couldn't keep moving away from the house. She didn't GET that she could retreat a bit and continue to explore. As soon as she felt that tug she would freeze. So I spent all day going outside every 20 minutes to pick her up so she could continue her sniffing, rolling, eating, and general springtime frolicking.

All this might be because my cat is a giant stoner who, every night between 8 and 9, will sit in the spot on the floor where we sprinkle the catnip and stare plaintively at me. Then she will eat and roll around in the nip, lay on her back for a while, then turn around and watch TV for a while like a normal ... person.

I thought animals were so in tune with their sense of smell that they don't recognize television cats or cat-in-the-mirror as an animal. Not mine. Cat-in-the-mirror is Miss Mouse's best friend.


So. Terri Schiavo is dead. I hope her family can find some peace, I can't imagine what they're going through. Her situation raised so many questions and left me with such an icky feeling about the whole thing. I went back and forth, nearly every day, on my position on the whole thing and eventually decided that it didn't matter what I thought was right or wrong. I didn't have enough information to make an informed opinion and the case had nothing to do with me. It's terribly sad and reminds me to live every day to the fullest.


Speaking of living life to the fullest, I just got a flyer at work that Tonic of Uptown is closing. Good riddance, I say. Good riddance to $10 G&Ts, obnoxious and pretentious people who think they're better looking than they really are, and most of all... GOOD RIDDANCE to FAKE lines outside that make it appear that Tonic is the coolest place in Uptown with hordes of people waiting for the priviledge of paying an exhorbitant cover to simply step through its doors only to find out that the line is fake, FAKE I TELL YOU, because there is NO ONE inside.

This weekend they are offering free beer and cocktails between 8 and 10 on Friday and Saturday night. Free booze! I will be gone and therefore not tempted to recoup the expense I incurred on one very unfulfilling and expensive night there.


My new Palm is very cute and very blue. It is also quite small although you wouldn't know it considering it was delivered in a box from Amazon that was... well.. bigger than a breadbox. Actually, it was bigger than three breadboxes. All for a tiny palm! I dug through about 100 of those little blowup ziplocky things they use as packing material now and pulled out a teeny tiny package. The box was so large that I could nearly have fit my entire body into it.


Yesterday was such a fun day, full of exciting deliveries. I also got my new sheets, 600TC; it was so hard to get out of bed this morning. My new sheets are awesome, even better than the silk sheets that recently disintegrated in the dryer. AND I picked up a memory foam mattress pad which was quite pleasant.


I took a break from my extreme overconsumption last night to watch American Idol. Wah. How sick is it that Jessica Sierra got kicked off while smarmy butt-chin Constantine is still there? What is WRONG with people?


Can I go home now? I HAVE TO START PACKING!!

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