Thursday, February 24, 2005

My moment of fame

What I learned from last night's telethon:

1) Your friends will laugh at you when they see you on TV (thanks Jen!).
2) You should put the phone number up for more than 7 seconds for those viewers who don't watch the news with a pencil and paper at hand.
3) In the 0.00005 seconds that you are on screen, don't cross your arms, making it appear that you are using your forearms to prop your breasts up on the table.
4) If you see a telethon and notice a lot of activity at the phone banks, they are probably all just pretending to answer the phone. Like we were.
5) An unusual number of people will actually notice you on TV even though you could barely find yourself when you watched the taped broadcast later.
6) Seriously. These people need help. Go here if you want to donate: https://www.archq.org/donate_kare.shtml

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