Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Watch your dog's tag!

I have officially decided that I have watched too much and should cease from watching "NCIS", "Law and Order Special Victims Unit", "NYPD Blue", and" CSI Las Vegas, New York and Miami".

Yesterday I took my oh so cute Jack Russell Terrier, Lola (55% Swank 45% Skank) to the petstore to get her some chewies and treats when we were approached by some creepy man with a heavy Russian accent wearing black velcro shoes. Now, in any other instance I would see the velcro shoes and infer that I was dealing with a "special" person, however, the only thing "special" about this guy were his shoes and grey sweat pants. As he sat down on the floor and grabbed my dog I began to worry. What was he going to do? He was speaking to her in some sort of strange Russian puppy lingo and he grabbed her and sat her on his lap. Lola was beside herself, licking him in the face and acting like this was the best day of her life. So dramatic.

I have to admit, at the time I thought it was kind of strange, but also sort of sweet and cute at the same time. Until he put her on her back and rubbed her tummy and I caught him carefully examining her dog tags, which bears my address and phone number. Great. My imagination immediatly jumped ahead as I watched him break into the house to wait until unassuming Jen walked through the door. While I was thinking of everything bad that could come out of all this, he got up and left and I didn't see where he went so now I was freaked. Even more so when I swore I heard him say hello to someone in a good old straight Minnestoa accent, yah, you betcha. I looked around for whatever else I needed to buy and then left.

I ended up going home and much to my surprise I did not have a large, velcro wearing, pseudo Russian speaking man in my closet, basement, or any other clever hiding place in my house (believe me, I checked). I then realized that if I had to I could definately outrun him and there is no way he would fit through the windows of my house (I measured), plus, he was probably just looking at her name...right? I have decided, however, to remove my address from Lola's tag and just have her name, my cell phone number and her microchip ID number in case she goes AWOL.

Now there is a ctually a good ending to the story, besides my newfound ultra- careful- check- the- house -over -after- I -enter paranoia. The best part of this incident was that my hubby was forced (out of pure guilt for going snowmobiling with his buddies for a long weekend) to buy an extra dead bolt lock for the front door and finally replace the light bulbs to the front porch, thanks creepy Russian guy.

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