Thursday, January 06, 2005

OMG, if you love each other so much why don't you just get married??!?

Jenny - I'm trying to call you Jenny because I like it and Jenny was my grandma's name, did you know that? But in college Jen(ny) was adamant that you only call her Jen or Jennifer, it was during that time when it was very unfashionable to have a name that ended in "y".

Aaaanyway. Thanks! Yer sweet. Hey, when did this blog turn into a giant love fest? But seriously... before it gets gross and everyone starts yelling at us to just get a room already - I totally forgot about the BK watch triathlete!! SEE - this is why I need to write stuff down.

So, Jen and I didn't spend New Year's together this year. She had her too-cool party to go to and I had a too-cool party at my house. This year I was stubborn and decided Hell If I'm Going To Leave The House. It was fun though! Low-key... I bought lots and lots of liquor but everyone who came brought their own so now my front porch looks like a liquor store, not that I'm complaining about that.

I made an apple pie (and by "made", I mean "put the frozen pie in the oven and proceed to char the hell out of the bottom of the oven with apple pie juice") and around about 3am, apple pie was sounding pretty good to everyone. So we dished it up and the following conversation ensued:

SN: This pie would be better if it was warm
SW: This pie tastes like ASS
JN: That's really only good if it's Ass Pie.

I even have a picture of what Ass Pie looks like but I'm not smart enough to figure out how to post a picture. Bollocks.

Bollocks is my new favorite word... one of the benefits of dating a Brit is that you get to learn all sorts of fun words like bollocks, squiffy, and knickers. Try to use it 5 times today!

If you live in Minneapolis, you know we had a crazy ice storm on New Year's Day, which was the perfect excuse to hole up inside and watch movies all day. Wish I was doing that now... it's hard to be back at work, isn't it?

If you haven't already, go rent Bad Santa. For real. It's awesome.

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